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Thursday, May 25, 2017

6th Grade Graduation

For the past thirteen years, I have had one or more children in Benchmark Elementary School. It is an amazing school with wonderful teachers and I have loved every year that we were there. On Monday, Kianna graduated and it will feel so strange not to go there next year.
 Kianna was excited as she headed off to school that morning.
 The students marched in in alphabetical order.
 They read their perdition for the their future. (Kianna predicts that she will be a writer or lawyer), received their diploma, and sang a few songs.
 After they had a reception and everyone took pictures.

 The two amazing principals
 Kianna's friend Sara and one of her teachers.
 Some of her friends from the past nine years.
 The class of 2017!

The kids stayed at school and ate lunch. Then their teachers rented a theater at an AMC close by and they saw "Guardians of the Galaxy".  When Kianna got home we went out to dinner to celebrate.
 Her ice cream cake
She at a monkey in a graduation cap and gown. I am so proud of her.

I can't believe I have a Junior and a 7th grader!

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