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Monday, December 19, 2016

Benchmark Holiday Concert

 On December 5th Benchmark School held their holiday concert. Kianna joined the Advance Choir this year and was in many numbers.
 The Benchmark School Choir sang "Sleigh Ride", "Better Bundle Up",  "Happy Hanukkah My Friend", "Glo-Glo- Glorious", and "Where Are You Christmas"
The sixth grade sang a Disney Dazzle Medley. It was amazing!

Keith's Visit

My brother, Keith lives in Virginia and we don't get to see him as often as we want to. He flew to Phoenix at the beginning of December. We hadn't seen him in four and a half years and we had a wonderful visit.
 Caeli had a basketball game and Keith got to see her spiritline perform.
 She had a busy week with school and games but loved that he came.
 We went out to dinner a couple of time.
It was fun to spend time together.

 While Keith was here he helped us fins a car for Caeli. She was so excited and can't wait to get her license in February.
 The girls adore their uncle and wished he lived closer.
 It was fun to have the four of us together again.