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Monday, October 31, 2016

Football Season Ends

 Friday night was the last football game of the season. Still hot, but a lot of fun. They had a family dinner before the game. During the month of October the girls use pink pom-poms for Breast Cancer Awareness.
 Caeli has had so much fun this year.
Next up, basketball games and competition.

Halloween Party at School

 Kiann's school held all the Halloween partied on Friday. They wore their costumes to school.
 They all had fun!
 They played games!
Last Halloween party of elementary school!

Neon Light Party

 Four of the girls in 6th grade have birthdays around the same time. They had a huge joint party at a fun place downtown. They danced, played games, played air hockey and Foosball.
They invited the entire 6th grade and Kianna had so much fun.

Varsity Photo Day

 A few weeks ago the Varsity Spirtline met at some beautiful gardens. They took pictures of the girls in their uniforms and then they changed. They all wore jeans, white tops, and sandles.
 They took buddy pictures
 They have so much fun together!

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

PJ day at Pom

 AS part of Spirit Week, the Varsity Pom squad all came to practice in pajamas.

Junior Cheer/Pom Clinic

 Horizon's Varsity Cheer and Pom squads held a clinic for students that want to become a cheer leader or pommie when they are in high school. Over seventy girls showed up for the event.
 Caeli worked with the first grade girls and had so much fun. They learned a cheer and dance, had dinner, got t-shirts and bows and took part in the freshman football game.
Kianna attended the clinic. The older girls were all in the back row. It was fun to watch both of them at half time.