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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Kianna's Birthday Party

 Kianna wanted to have a bowling party/sleepover for her birthday. She invited her four best friends and they had so much fun bowling.
 They bowled for two hours and then headed back to our house.
 We continued the bowling theme at home.
 At twelve you have to have a candy bar at your party.
 Sophia, Sara, Kianna, Sylvia and Cydney
The girls had pizza for dinner and danced
Kianna and Aunt Pam had made her cake. She loved the bowling theme. They made the pins and bowling balls out of white chocolate. 

The girls wanted to swim, but it rained, so they watched a movie, got very little sleep and were up early to swim and have breakfast. It was a fantastic party!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Horizon's First Football Game

 Friday night was the first football game of the season. The Spiritline met at the gym for dinner and to get ready. Mariah is the one of the co-captains.
 Caeli was so excited.
 The girls all looked great.
 The last few seasons have not been great for the Huskies. They have a new coach this year and it was a great game.
The Huskies won 44 -7

(This picture was in front of the dawg pound. The students wore white and were loud!)

Kianna's Birthday Dinner

Tuesday evening we went out to dinner for Kianna's birthday. She asked Mariah to join us and we went to Red Lobster.
 We had a wonderful time!
 The food was delicious

The waiter's came out and sang to Kianna.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Happy 12th Birthday Kianna

Twelve years ago today a baby was born in Pingnan China. I had no idea that something so amazing had happened. Kianna has added so much joy to my life. She has grown into a sweet, talented kind, spirited, and loving young lady who makes every day special.

I love you Kianna and I am so glad that you are my daughter!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Spiritline Team Bonding

The Varsity Spiritline held a team bonding sleepover last weekend.
 They went on a scavenger hunt and one item was to try on sunglasses and take a picture.
 Saturday morning they had practice from 7 am until 11 am. 
Then the Sophomores went out on a boat at Lake Pleasant.

School Starts

Caeline went back to school on Tuesday. She is a Sophomore at Horizon High School
 The next day Kianna started the 6th grade at Benchmark.

Learners Permit!

Caeli turned 15 1/2 on August 2nd and took the test for her learners permit.

She was so excited!
She has gone out driving almost daily and is doing great.

Summer Vacation 2016

Friday, July 8th

We left early Friday morning and drove to California. We spent the first night near Disneyland and walked to Downtown Disney for dinner. The girls love eating at Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria and had requested going there.
 The love the Margarita pizza
 and as always we were not disappointed.
 After dinner we walked around and went into shops. Kianna bought a Nemo candy apple.
We walked back to the hotel and got ready for bed.

Saturday, July 9th

We were up early and checked out of our hotel room. We drove to the port of Long Beach. After a short wait we boarded the Carnival Miracle.
 We headed up to the Lido Deck and lunch was being served.
 The food was delicious and everyone enjoyed it.
 We walked around the ship.
 Just before sailing we took part in the Safety drill.
We were able to go to our cabins. Jodi's 65th birthday was in February and we waited until summer to go on a cruise and celebrate. The girls had decorated the cabin for her and she walked into decorations when we arrived.
After we had dinner and enjoyed our first show.

Sunday, July 10th 

A fun day at sea. After breakfast we headed to the pools on the lido deck.
 The weather was cooler so we played miniature golf, watched a food preparation demonstration, watched the hairy chest contest, saw a magic show and enjoyed relaxing.
 We went to the room early and got ready for dinner. it was the first elegant night and everyone was dressed up. We enjoyed prime rib and lobster for dinner and then headed to the show.

 Monday, July 11th

Another sea day and the weather was much warmer. We spent the day by the pool and swam a lot.
 Before dinner we enjoyed drinks on the balcony.

 It is so peaceful to sit and watch the water.
 After dinner we went to a Fiesta party on the Lido Deck. The girls danced and then there was a Mexican Buffet. We went in early and took pictures of the amazing food presentation.

Tuesday, July 12th

We docked in Puerto Vallarta just before noon and went off the ship.
 It was very hot and humid and we were not in town long,
 We got back to the ship, ate lunch and went in the pool
 The weather was beautiful.  
 It was so much fun to play miniature golf overlooking the city.
We got dressed for another fantastic dinner

(when did they grow up?)

Wednesday, July 13th

Our second day in Puerto Vallarta, we had a tour scheduled.  We met on the dock and took a boat to Las Caletas Beach Hideaway.
 The boat ride was 45 minutes long and they played music and danced.
 Arriving at the beautiful tropical paradise.
 The beach was beautiful.
 The Everyone was given life vests to wear.
 There were kayaks
 Paddleboarding, a buffet luncheon and delicious drinks. 

We got back to the ship just before it set sail again. It was an amazing day!
 Sunset before dinner.
 We were tired,
 and starving
 Caeli ordered escargot and liked it.
We had so much fun.

Thursday, July 14th

We arrived in Cabo San Lucas this morning.
 Getting ready to go to breakfast.
 We we walked unto the Lido deck, the towel animals had taken over the pool area. They were all amazing.

We shopped for a while in Cabo and then headed back on board the ship.
 We spent the afternoon in the pool area.
 This is the best vacation!
Thursday night was the second formal night. 

Friday, July 15th

Our last day at sea.  Every cruise the last day is cool. we played games, saw a show and enjoyed out time at sea.
 Our last dinner with another waiter, Vincent.

Saturday, July 16th

We were up and off the ship early. We checked into a hotel in Huntington Beach and headed to the beach!
 Kianna rented a  boogie board and loved riding the waves.
 They hunted for sand crabs, swam and loved being on the beach
 We all wish that we lived closer to the ocean

We spent the night in Huntington Beach and headed home the next morning!