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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hall Of Fame Dance Challenge


Saturday, February 20th

Last weekend we were back in Gilbert for another dance competition. The girls were excited to compete and we arrived around noon.
 The first number our studio performed in, was a new production number. It was called "JT Experience" and was composed of Justin Timberlake songs. Forty-two members of the company were in the dance. Caeli and Kianna were both in the number. It was amazing, and earned a !st Platinum and was awarded First place overall.
 Caeli's dances were all on Saturday. "The Master and the Hound"  It earned a 1st Platinum and place 2nd Overall. It also earned the choreography award.
 "Loco" is Caeli's Hip-hop number. It earned a 1st Platinum and came in 2nd place overall in the senior division.
 She also performed in "The Barre". It received a 1st Platinum and 3rd place overall. It also earned the Diversity Award.

Her fourth dance was "All I Want", a lyrical number. It earned a 1st Platinum.

 Most of the company at the first awards ceremony. (Caeli's group had a quick change and had left). The second awards ceremony was late and we headed home at 10:30 pm.

Sunday, February 21st

We were back at 11:30 am for Kianna's dances. The girls dresses and had fun in the photo booth. Her first dance was "The Plastics". They were awarded a High Gold.
"All Through The Night" is a beautiful lyrical number. They earned a 1st Platinum and came in 7th place overall. They received the Showmanship Award. 

Kianna's last dance was "Mama Makes Three" They earned a 1st high Gold.
The girls had a great time. We were on our way home at 3:15.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Happy 15th Birthday Caeli!


Happy !5th Birthday to my amazing Caeline!
I can not believe you are 15!

Showbiz Dance Competition

Last weekend we attended the first dance competition of the season. Kianna's group competed on Saturday. She was in three numbers and all earned Ruby High Gold. All through The Night placed 9th.
 Caeli's numbers were all on Sunday. Her Hip Hop, Loco number earned a Diamond Platinum and finished in 8th place. Her other three numbers all earned Ruby Platinum. All I want placed 3rd, Master and the Hound placed 4th, and The Barre placed 5th.