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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Fourteen Years Ago Today

Fourteen years ago today, I was handed the most beautiful little girl and my life changed forever. What a blessing this girl is to me! I have loved her at every age, but she seems to get more special each year. She is kind, compassionate, funny, talented, and loves people. She loves dancing, watching movies, school, music, and being with friends and her sister! She is an amazing young woman and I am so proud to be her mother.
I love you Caeline Xi Ru!

Fun in the snow!

 On Sunday, our friends invited us to go to Flagstaff and play in the snow.
 The roads were clear and it was a nice drive up there.
We stopped for lunch (Kianna with Makayla and Sophie).
 Caeline and Kianna had never seen snow and had so much fun.
 The weather was beautiful and it wasn't too cold.
 We are all hoping to go back again soon.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Charity Event

 Last Saturday, Kianna's dance group was asked to perform at a charity event in Chandler. One of the girls in her group, has a cousin who is a senior in high school. For her senior project she was raising money for the Starlight Foundation
 We traveled to Chandler for a one o'clock dress rehearsal. Between the rehearsal and check-in we went to lunch and shopped.
 At six o'clock Kia checked in and we got to see the show. This was the first performance of the season and we were excited to see the dance.
 It is a very sweet lyrical number called "All Through The Night".
 The costumes were not ready, so the girls all wore pajamas.
 We loved the number and it was so much fun to watch the girls dance.
Kianna has grown so in dance and I can't wait to see the rest of her dances.

Friday, January 08, 2016

Chhristmas 2015

 We celebrated Christmas Eve at home.
 We enjoyed a delicious dinner.
 Caiti joined us and the girls love being with her.
 The girls insisted on sprinkling the traditional reindeer food.
 Christmas morning we opened gifts and had breakfast.
 The girls each added a nutcracker to their collection.
 We went up to the cemetery in the afternoon. It is so beautiful to see all the wreaths by the headstones.
 We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Holiday Fun


Just before winter break, Kianna's school held their holiday concert. Each grade performed 3 or 4 songs. They do an amazing job and it is always so much fun to watch.

 We held out 17th annual Santa Party on the 19th of December.
 The girls invited their friend, the adults invite friends and co-workers, and we ended up with 23 kids and 21 adults..
 Everyone had a great time.
 Caeli had a group of dance friends who stayed and spent the night.
 Over break the girls made gingerbread houses. It is one of our favorite traditions.