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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

8th Grade Awards Ceremony

Last week I received a call from Caeli's school that she would be receiving an award. We surprised her and arrived at her school. 
 Caeli received the Humanitarian Award. The teachers choose these awards.
  Caeli was also recognized for having perfect attendance.
I am so proud of her. She juggles school, dance and Encore with grace and ease. 
I love you Caeli!

Memorial Day

 The weather had been beautiful! I can not remember ever having it reach Memorial Day and still be comfortable. We like to visit the cemetery each year. The scouts put a flag on every headstone of someone who has served in the military. It is such a beautiful sight.
 I can not believe that it has been 15 years since my dad passed away and 3 since Mom joined him.
 We went back home and spent the afternoon by the pool.
 The girls swam and we had a BBQ.
It was a wonderful holiday!

Encore Spring Concert

 Caeli has had an amazing year in the Encore Choir at her school. She was part of a wonderful group of girls. They sang and danced and she made some amazing friends. Mr B led the choir and he does a great job every year.
 They had their final concert. It included introductory, advanced and the Encore level.
 They sang the Disney medley that they performed at Disneyland. It was very long and very impressive.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Encore performs at Disneyland

Caeli joined the Encore Chorus at school this year. They performed a number of times, but the highlight for the members is getting to sing at Disneyland. They held fundraisers throughout the year and Caeli earned enough money to pay for her entire trip.

 On Thursday morning, May 7th, three buses left the school at 8 am, carrying Encore, Advanced Boys chorus and the Band. They headed to California.

 The first stop was Huntington Beach. The water was freezing and Caeli said that she just put her feet in.
 The kids hung out on the boardwalk. At 6:15 they headed to the Hyatt Hotel. The kids checked into their rooms and got ready for dinner.
 Then 150 kids headed to Bubba Gumps for dinner.
 After a wonderful dinner it was time to go back to the hotel and go to bed.

Friday, March 8th

 The kids were up by 7 am and had breakfast at the hotel. They they headed to Disneyland.

 The kids broke into groups of 4 or more and entered.
 They were free to go on rides. 
 Star Tours
 Mickey pretzels are so good!
 Tower of Terror

The chorus had to meet at 2:30, so that they could take a workshop in California Adventure. They got to record on a sound stage and their voices were edited into a scene from High School Musical.
They spent the rest of the day at the two parks and returned to the hotel at 10:30 (exhausted)

Saturday May 9th

The kids were up early again and back to Disneyland.
 They had free time to go on more rides and have lunch.
 At 1:30 they had to report to the Big Thunder Jamboree Stage. They got ready and Encore performed at 2:45
 They sang and danced to a medley of Disney songs.
 They were amazing!
 and had so much fun!
They had a little time to shop after the performance and then it was time to head to the buses.

They arrived in Phoenix at 12:30 am and were exhausted.

Mission San Xavier Del Bac & Bisbee Mines

 The fourth grade has worked all year to earn money for two field trips. The first was to Southern Arizona. They met at school at 6:40 am on May 1st and headed to Tuscon.
 They toured the Mission San Xavier Del Bac. There were 64 students and they broke into groups of four with a chaperone.
 After eating lunch they headed to Bisbee.
 They all put on their gear and toured the mine. (Kianna said that was the best part of the trip)
The two classes have done such amazing things this year and I hate to see the school year end.

Friday, May 01, 2015

Gisella's Birthday Party

Kianna's friend Gisella celebrated her 10th birthday (along with her brother Simon) with a swim party at the Princess Hotel. The kids had so much fun in the pool, ate lots of delicious food, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Hollywood Vibe

 The dance studio took part in the Hollywood Vibe dance convention and competition.
 On Friday evening Caeli's group competed in three numbers. All three received High Gold. Awards ended at 11:40 in the evening.
 Check-in for the convention was 7:15 am. They took classes all day and after a very short break competed three more numbers. All the dances took High Gold and "In Your Eyes" took third place.
The competition ended at 11:30 and the continued on Sunday. What a long weekend.