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Thursday, October 30, 2014

State Fair

The Encore Chorus group went to the state fair on Thursday, October 23rd. They sang three songs and danced, went on rides, and played games. Caeli had so much fun!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Dance Company Picnic

 On Saturday, October 18th the annual dance company picnic was held at a local park.
 Caeline attended with her group. Melissa is one of the owners.
 Caeli adores the little dancers.
 Her best friend Kaila is in company this year.
They played games, ate lunch and had fun. Crazy teenagers!

Sophie's Birthday Party

 The girls carpool with the family across the street three days a week.
 Angela is so nice. She has two daughters younger than Kianna that attend school with her.
 Makayla is the oldest. She is in 2nd grade and Sophie is in 1st.
The girls were invited to Sophie's 7th Birthday party at an ice skating rink. They had fun skating, eating pizza and making "Frozen" crafts.

Movie Night

Kianna's school holds a family movie night every October. We have attended 10 so far (the only one we missed was 2006 when we were in China). This year they showed Despicable Me 2. the kids join their friends, eat dinner and have so much fun!

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

8 years ago today!

I can not believe that it has been 8 years since we traveled to China. October 8, 2006 was a long day. We were up early and had to wait until afternoon to meet Kianna. We were ushered into a room and waited. We could hear the babies arrived, but it seemed like forever until the director and nannies walked in. Gong Gua Xiu was the most beautiful sight. 
She just looked around. The nannie told her to go to Mama and she started to cry. I held her, gave her some cherios and eventually she stopped. After some paper work we headed back to our hotel.
 Caeli sat on the floor and played with her. She warmed up to the all of us and enjoyed the toys we brought and bubbles.
 I loved holding her and feeding her.
 We gave her a teddy bear. (She still has the bear in her room) The bib on the bear had been embroidered with her name and date. Caeli put the bib on Kianna and it is one of our favorite pictures.
 Our time in China was wonderful. Kianna slowly warmed up to us and by the end of the trip was smiling.
 We flew home on Tuesday, October 17th.
When we landed in LA Kianna became an American citizen.
Kianna has grown into an amazing young lady. She is smart, sweet, kind, caring, talented, and strong-willed. She adds so much joy to our lives and I love her very much. 

Happy Gotcha Day Sweetie!

Tuesday, October 07, 2014


Kianna told me that she was having trouble hearing a few weeks ago. I took her to the doctor and he discovered that she had a significant hearing loss. He did some tests and decided that she needed to have a tube put in her left ear. On Friday, October 3rd we checked into the hospital early for a very quick procedure. She was home quickly and recovered much quicker than mom. 

Photo shoot

 Caeli and her friends love taking pictures. She recently took these pictures in the yard.

Master classes

 Caeli is busy with dance. Her company is in the process of learning 6 new competition dances. She has had master classes and guest choreographers the last two weekends. The first was with Jeremy "JWrecks" Finney and Mikaylah Harp. Michelle Rizzutto Richey taught them a musical theater number.
 They had another master class the following week.
 Cooper Zamorano taught them a lyrical / contemporary number.