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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Star Systems Dance Competition

 We were up early Saturday morning to head to the first dance competition of the year. Mariah did not perform this weekend and had rehearsal at the studio. The girls were excited as they got ready.
 This was the first time they dressed in the dance company uniform for onstage. We had to drive to Gilbert and arrived at 10:00 a.m.
 The first number Kianna was in, was an adorable trio called Charlie's Angels.

 Her next group number was Bathing Beauties.
 Caeli was glad when the Juniors arrived.
 The next group number was For the Boys. The girls were all together waiting to go on stage.
 Giselle, Kianna and Paige
 Kianna loves dancing more each year.
 Performing on stage.
 We left for a while and got something to eat. The last number both girls were in. It is a hip-hop number called Hova.
 Mario and his wife own the dance studio.

 Caeli performing
 Kianna on stage.
 Kianna with one of the trophies that the studio took home.

We has an amazing day and arrived home at 10:00!

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Caeli's Birthday Party

Caeli had her 13th birthday party on Saturday evening. She invited her friends to our local bowling alley.
We had three lanes at the end and the kids all had so much fun.
They had pizza for dinner.
Sang Happy Birthday and ate her giant cookie and made ice cream sundees.
Everyone signed a bowling pin that Caeli took home.
It was a great birthday party!

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Happy 13th Birthday Caeli

 Caeline Xi Ru 1 - 2002
 2 years old - 2003
 3 years old - 2004
 4 years old 2005
 5 years old - 2006
 Almost 6
 7 years old - 2008
 8 years old - 2009
 9 years old - 2010
 10 years old - 2011
 11 years old - 2012
 12 years old - 2013
Almost 13 
(How did this ever happen?)