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Friday, August 30, 2013

First Football Game

Wednesday evening was the first Freshman football game. Mariah had practice after school and then they ate dinner.

 The game started at 6:00. I met Caeli, Kianna, Pam and Jodi after work.  The girls wore their school shirts and had so much fun watching the game.
 Kianna saw one of her teachers there (her brother plays on the freshman team). It started to rain, but typically for Arizona everyone ignored the rain and it stopped after a few minutes.
 Mariah had so much fun at the game and the Spirit line looked amazing for only two weeks of practice.
I see a lot of games in our future.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

 When Kianna came home from school on Friday, she opened her family presents and got ready to celebrate her birthday. She elected to invite two of her best friends over to celebrate with her.
 The girls made pizzas from scratch. Caeli and Brettlyn so much fun choosing their toppings.
 They decorated aprons and took them home.
 Deslie has danced with Kianna since pre-school.
 Aunt Pam made a "Pizza Cake" for Kianna. She used candy for the ingredients and shredded white chocolate on top for cheese. The girls danced and watched videos.
 They were up before 6 am and swam most of the morning.
Kianna had a wonderful time at her party.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Kianna

Wow, it is hard to believe that Kianna is 9 years old today. 

She was a shy and timid 2 year old when we met. Today she has grown into a confident, talented, strong-willed, hard working young lady (who is still a little shy)!

 Kianna loves dancing, swimming, surfing, dolphins
and reading. She loves school and is very inquisitive. She lights up a room when she walks in and lights up my heart every day.

Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Everyone Is Back In School

Kianna started school this morning. She has enjoyed an extra week off, but was excited to go back today..

I can not believe my baby is in 3rd grade!

School Spirit

On Monday, Mariah attended a meeting for all ninth graders who wanted to join Pom or Cheer. They worked with the girls from 2:15 - 6:00. Many of the girls were asked to come back and try out on Tuesday. After another intense workout they posted the list of girls who made the squad.

Mariah was selected to be on the JV Spirit Line and the competition team. Needless to say she is very excited!
Mariah had to be at school this morning at 7:00 am for a kick-off breakfast.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

School Starts

Today was the first day of school for two of the girls.
Mariah started High School. this morning. She is excited to try out for Pom and all the fun things that go along with High School

I can not believe that I have a Freshman


a Sevie!

Caeline started Middle School. She is the only one from her elementary school that is attending Sunrise. She was a little nervous, but very excited to start.

Dance starts up again next Monday. Kianna does not go back to school until the 14th, so the two of us are home today.