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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Company End of the Year Party

The dance studio ended the year with a party for all company members, their families, and the staff. One of the families volunteered their beautiful home for the party this year.
The candy bar is always a hit with the kids.
An Italian dinner was catered and the food was delicious.
The kids swam in the pool.
There was a photo booth and the kids all had tons of pictures taken.

After dinner there was an awards ceremony. Mariah recieved "Most Dedicated Dancer", Caeli was give "The Role Model" award and Kianna was given "The Ready To Go Award". There was also a video show of all pictures taken during the dance season.

Dance Recital

 Last week was a whirlwind with the dance season ending. Pictures were taken (this year we had 30 costumes for the three girls). On Tuesday we had to meet at the Scottsdale Center for the Arts at 10:00 for dress rehearsal. The show is performed on stage and they check costumes and lighting. We got done and the girls had a break. After eating lunch they headed back to get ready for the 5:00 show.

The first show features all the little kids. Mariah's trio and Kianna's mini group perform to give the adults a quick look at what the company kids do. Caeli has assisted with four classes and worked backstage to get her dancers on and off. She is so good with the kids and they love her.

Ther were two 7:00 shows. The girls numbers were divided between the two shows. They danced beautifully and the shows were fun to see. After the last show the girls went out for ice cream with their friends.
It is a tradition for the Encore group to pose under this sign.
(Kayla, Brynlie, Gabbie, Mariah & Hayley)

UPDATE: We finally got the recital photos from the photographer.
 Every year we take a picture of the three girls together. They wore their tap costumes this year, Advanced tap was Anything Goes and Minis did a dance to Can't Stop The Beat
Ballet - Kettentanz

 Caeli and Mariah had many identical costumes
Lyriical - It's All Coming Back
 Encore costume for Blue Orchid
 Trio - Call It Off
 Pop Jazz - Drumming Song
 Company number - Welcome To The Jungle

Encore Hip-Hop - Phone Mix
Kianna's Jazz group - What Makes You Beautiful
Mini Company - Crush On You

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Memorial Day

 The girls love to go to the National Cemetary on Memorial Day weekend. The scouts place a flag at each headstone.
 It is so quiet, peaceful and beautiful!
Last year we had just moved into our house and the pool was so exciting. We decided not to get waterpark passes. The girls were excited when we got passes this year.
Kianna is now 48 inches tall and can go on all the slides. We had such a great time.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Caeli 6th Grade Graduation

I can not believe that Caeli is graduating from elementaty school. It seems like just yesterday that I was dropping her off for Kindergarten and now she is graduating from 6th grade.
The graduation was held at 9:30 on May 22nd. The 6th grade marched in and looked so grown up.
 Each child had written something about their future. No surprise, Caeli want to be a dancer after college.
 Holly, Jaycee, Kylie, Caeli and Mia.
These girls have been friends for a long time. They will be at different schools next year.
 My girls
 Family shot
 Caeli's teachers
Mrs Piccotti and Mrs Fitch
 Mrs Challoner and Mrs Darroch

 Caeli's graduation bear.
Happy Graduation Caeli!

6th Grade Trip to Catalina

For the whole school year the 6th grade has been working hard to earn the money for their class trip to Catalina. They recycled cans, collected old clothes and computers, sold pizza at school functions, held fundraisers. Finally it was time to go!
 They met at the airport at 2:30 pm on May 14th. (They attended a half day of school and were released at 11:30.
 Everyone was so excited waiting to board the plane. They flew to California.
 The students took a bus to the Long Beach pier and boarded the American Pride Schooner, a  masted schooner built in 1941. The kids were given a ships tour to acquaint them to their new home and then slept on board the ship.  The next morning the students raised the sails and the ship headed toward Catalina.
The kids ran the boat. They scrubbed the deck, and helped do ship jobs.
While on the tip the kids went kayaking and scuba diving.
They did science experiments n the beach.
The girls all slept on the deck under the stars. They jumped off the ship, but the water was freezing.
They returned home late Friday night. Caeli was exhausted, but had so much fun!

Rainbow Dance Competition

 May 11th
We had to be back Saturday right after lunch.
 "In Pieces" was first
 The Encore, Teens and Pre-teen groups are in this dance.
 The dance is fierce and the girls are all amazing.
 Kianna's group performed "Crush on You" for the last time.
 Kianna has grown a lot in dance and loves it.
 They are such a great group.
 "Welcome To The Jungle"" was next
 The seven girls are different animals.
 Mariah is a lion
Caeline is a zebra.
 The Teen group does "Lucky Strike"
 Caeli has been working for months on her aerial. She nailed it for the first time!
 The girls looked great.
Sunday, May 12th
Mother's day and I get to spend 9 hours at dance. I am glad to spend it with my girls!
"1,000 Ships"
 Caeline was beautiful.
 I'm always sad to see solos performed for the last time.

 Caeli's trio "New Soul"
 Love the song and dance.
 Caeli loves to dance.
 Amazing choregraphy