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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

L. A. Dance Magic

Caeli and Kianna had a half day of school and Mariah left early. We packed the car and headed to Fort McDowell for another dance convention and competition.

Caeli had to check in at 3:40.  She performed her solo first.
Her trio "New Soul" was up next.

The girls had to be up early and check into their classes at 7:30 am. We took Kianna to breakfast and then we spent the day by the pool
 Classes ended at 1:45 and the girls got ready for competition.
 The Teen group after performing "Lucky Strike"

The girls were up early and off for more classes. Kianna loved going to the pool.
 Caeli with one of the teachers. Girls said this was the best convention they had ever attended.
 It was a fun weekend.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Jump Dance Convention

Friday, April 5th - The girls all went to school and I worked from home.  I picked them up a little before noon. We got some lunch and ate in the car on the way downtown. We checked into the Hyatt hotel and the girls quickly started putting on make-up. Mariah had to check into the dance competition at 1:45.
 Mariah and Kayla
 Mariah's solo was first. I love to watch "Heartbreaker"
 The duos and trios were also on Friday night. Caeli's teen group performed "New Soul"
Followed by Mariah, Kayla and Brynlie in "Call It Off".
 We were done by 6:30. We enjoyed a delicious dinner at Majerle's and then walked back to the hotel.
 The girls got their dance bag ready for the convention and went to bed early.

Saturday, April 6th - Mariah and Caeli had to check in at the dance convention at 7:00 am. They ate a quick breakfast and headed across the street to the Civic Center. Jodi, Pam, Kianna and I went to breakfast and then spent the morning at the pool.
 The dance company had Seniors, Teens, Juniors and Minis there. They broke for lunch at 11:30 and then danced some more.
 The session ended at 2:45.
 We grabbed something to eat and headed over to meet the girls.
 The Teen group performed "Lucky Strike" first.
 The Teens and Encore perform "Welcome to The Jungle"
 The girls are all animals. Caeli is a zebra.
 Mariah is a lion.
 Mariah's hip-hop was next, "Phone Mix"

 I love her dance to "Got To Let Go"

 The final dance includes Encore, Teen and Pre-teen companies. 
"In Pieces"
 Awards were not over until after 11:30. It was a very long day and everyone was exhausted.

Sunday, April 7th - The girls were back at 8:00 for more classes. We checked out of the hotel and met the girls for their lunch break. They finished classes at 3:30 and we watched the teacher show.
We were all glad to head home.!

Monday, April 08, 2013

Easter 2013

 On Saturday afternoon, Brittany, Kevin, Lylie and Vylet came over to color Easter Eggs.
 The girls had five dozen eggs to color.
 The girls are getting more creative as they get older. The eggs turned out beautiful.

 Easter Morning,
 The girls love to dress up and looked so pretty.
 We took family pictures
 Aunt Pam and Aunt Jodi came over and got into the pictures.
 After the egg hunt, we swam, Kiki came over and the girls went into the pool.
 We had a wonderful Easter!