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Monday, February 25, 2013

Chomp & Stomp

The girls school decided not to hold a carnival this year and had a Chomp & Stomp. The parking lot was full of Bounce houses. Caeli spent the night at her friend Kylie's house and they all headed to their school in the afternoon.
Kianna's class made birds in art class. They were attached and sold in a silent auction.
There were lots of bounce houses and the younger girls had so much fun on them.
Kianna loves to ride the horses.
One of the events this year was a cupcake contest. Kianna entered Brownies and Caeli & her friend Kylie entered S'more cupcakes. They spent the afternoon together and had so much fun. They enjoyed bouncing, the petting zoo, ponies, and eating. There were snocones, cotton candy, pizza, french fries and the girls tried some of everything.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Star Power Dance Competition

 This past weekend was our second dance competition. Mariah's and Caeli's groups did not perform, but they did bring their solos.
 We were up early Saturday morning. Caeli performed first and put on her make-up.
 The competition was close to our house. Caeli's performed 1,000 Ships in the morning.
 Kianna went on in the afternoon. The mini group does Crush On You.
 Kianna had fun hanging around with her friends and waiting for awards.
 Caeline helped with the little kids. She assists in many classes this year and is wonderful.
 After awards many families headed to Uncle Sam's pizza. We all had a wonderful time.
 The kids all piled into one booth. We had 11 children.
 Sunday afternoon we were back for Mariah's solo.
Jenni and Jessica choreographed Heatbreaker and Mariah loves it.

Kianna's Greek Play

 Kiann's 2nd grade class has been studying Ancient Greece. They worked on on the unit, made paper mache urns, listened to music and each reading group performed a play.
Kianna loved preparing for the play. She knew all her lines and was so excited when she invited me to come see it.
Both second grade classes were in the plays. There were over 60 kids performing.
Kiann's group did the play "King Midas". It was so cute.
Kianna has grown a lot this year, but will always be small. She had to stand on her tip toes to reach the microphone.
After the play the children were served a Greek luncheon. Kianna's favorite part was the chicken.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Happy 12th Birthday Caeline

 Saturday was Caeline's 12th Birthday. We ran errands and went out to lunch. At 6:00 four of her friends came over to help her celebrate. They all decorated aprons.
 Then they started to make their own pizzas.
 The girls all go to school together and are all good friends.
 Rolling out the dough.
 Adding all the toppings.
 Chef Kianna with her finished pizza.
 The girls spent the night, talking, watching movies, playing the Wii, and laughing. Caeline had such a good time. The next morning she fixed pancakes for her friends.
Molly, Jaycee, Caeline, Anna and Kylie.