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Monday, December 17, 2012

Santa Party 2012

 Saturday evening was our annual Christmas party. (Can not believe that this is the 14th, Mariah was one when we had the first.) The girls helped decorate and make food.
 They have gotten so big.
 They attended a dress rehearsal for dance and then got dressed.
 The guests started arriving at 6:45 and Santa walked in at 7:30.
 He had a bag full of presents and every child was happy to have their name called out.
 Mariah and Caeli loved the gift cards they received.
 Vylet was the smallest guest at two months.
 After the children received their presents, Santa posed for family pictures.Deslie has danced with Kianna for years.
 Caiti, Stephen, Lynie and Caleb
 Tawnya and Jen were the girls first dance teachers. Stephanie and Peter (Tawnya and Jen's brother) always bring Vincent.
 Jen, Mariah and Stephanie
 Jenni (Director at dance studio) and her husband Andy have 13 month old twins, Blaze and Rylan
Our 2012 family picture.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Look Who Arrived At Our House

Kianna was so excited to wake up Monday morning and discover that Santa had sent an elf to her house. The elf was hanging from the light in the kitchen. The girls read the book on the way to school and Kianna named her Snowflake.

Every morning Kianna is excited to look for Snowflake. She has found her playing in the Christmas Tree, making hot chocolate, and trying to hide in her backpack. Kianna thinks this is fantastic and she is having so much fun with her elf.

Update... Kianna's favorite morning was when the elf had a snowball fight and left marchmellows all over the place. She also brought her  a gingerbread cookie.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Lylie's Birthday

 Mariah's niece, Lylie is turning 6 this week. She had a birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza on Saturday.
 Mariah holding her niece Vylet
 Her brother Brandon sitting on her lap.
 Kianna loved the baby. She turned two months old and is sweet.
The birthday girl with her cake. The kids played games, went on rides, ate pizza and cake and had so much fun!

Holiday Show

Last Thursday the girls school held a holiday show. The students were told to wear black., white and/or red. It was held outside and they served hot chocolate and cookies.
 The 2nd graders performed Apple on a Stick, There's Someone in the Chimney, and We Wish You A Merry Christmas. The last group to perform was 5th and 6th grade. They played Good-Bye Summer on their recorders, and sang Rocking Around The Christmas Tree and One Nation.
Everyone had a wonderful time and the children were all so talented.