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Monday, October 08, 2012

Six Years Ago Today

Six years ago today, I was in China waiting to meet my third daughter, I look up and the nannies walked in with a scared little girl. She did not want to go to me and was so upset.
I was so happy that I decided to bring Mariah (then 8) and Caeli (then 5 1/2) on the trip with me. They adored Kianna from the minute they saw her and she loved playing with them from the first day.
Our time in China gave us time to bond and become a family. I dressed the girls in matching clothes for most of the trip (easy to keep track of all of them) and Kianna loved looking like her sisters

Over the years Kianna has grown into a sweet, kind, loveable, energetic, strong willed,  helpful girl. She is my goof ball and I love her so much.

 I am so glad she is part of our family

Monday, October 01, 2012

Mariah's Birthday Party

We celebrated Mariah's 14th birthday this weekend.
She invited a few friends to come over. She created a candy bar and everyone fixed bags of candy.
Then we headed to a local drive in. The girls sat outside in chairs and watched "The House At The End Of The Street". Jodi went to another theater and saw "Hotel Translyvania" with Caeli and Kianna. The girls all enjoyed the movies.
We then went back to our house and ordered pizza. The girls went in the pool and swam.
Mariah did not want a cake and asked for a giant chocolate chip cookie.
Caeli and Kianna spent the night at their aunt's house, while Mariah had a sleepover at our house.
Happy Birthday Mariah!

Look Ma, No braces or glasses.

After waiting almost 2/12 years the orthodontist finally removed Caeli's braces. A few days later she was thrilled to get contacts. The contacts are to be worn on special occasions and for dance. Needless to say, she is very excited!

Storm damage

On Wednesday, September 9th a storm hit the Phoenix area around dinner time. It didn't last long, but there were violent winds and a microbuurst hit the area where I live.(A microburst is a very localized column of sinking air, producing damaging divergent and straight-line winds at the surface that are similar to, but distinguishable from, tornadoes, which generally have convergent damage) There was extensive damage in our area; tiles off roofs, trees down, windows broken,and trees landed on houses. We were not home at the time and the house seemed fine when we got home that night.

Caeli went out to walk the dogs the next morning and let me know that our shed had blown over the fence and was in the front of the house.The items inside the shed were around the yard.
It took a few hours to clean up the mess and haul the shed away. While we were working on it, a neighbor a few blocks away stopped to ask it it was our shed, he could not find his.