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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Conservatory of Dance Lock-in

 At the start of every season the wonderful teachers at the dance studio hold a Lock-in. The girls bond with their new groups and everyone has so much fun. The girls are dropped. off at 7:00 Saturday night and they are always excited to go.
They set up a huge photo booth and the girls all wore different costumes. 
The Encore group
 Caeli and Hayley
 The Mini group. Kianna has a gold wig on and you can not see her at all.
 Kianna the rock star.
 They played games and ate. There was so much food, including a huge candy table.
Everyone got into pajamas and some slept. The girls were exhausted when I picked them up at 8:00 am. They slept most of the day.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Friday's Dance Class

Dancing With The Stars arranged with the dance studio to rent space each week for Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas to rehearsh.
Every Friday Mariah and Caeli have company classes. The girls were all so excited to meet them and pose for a picture.

What Was I thinking?

Last May a friend at work told me that her Chihuahua was expecting puppies. Three adorable puppies were born on May 30th. A couple of weeks ago she asked it I would like to have one. After talking to Pam & Jodi (and knowing Caeli really wanted a second dog) we decided to take two puppies. We got the male dog and Pam & Jodi took the female.

 Caeli is holding Zizi, Mariah has Chloe and Kianna is holding Zack.

 Zack is so cute and only 3 months old.
Kianna laid down and the two pups crawled up next to her.