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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

2012 Recital

The dance studio held their annual recital on May 29th and 39th. The days were long. The girls had recital in the morning and performances in the afternoon and evening.

They performed ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, pop jazz and modern dance.
They had so much fun!
All three girls have learned so much at the new dance studio. We are so happy that we switched.

Lake Powell Trip

 The 5th grade worked so hard this year. They raised thousands of dollars toward their class trip. On Wednesday, May 16th, they boarded a bus for Lake Powell.
 They spent wo nights there. They went on a jeep ride and hiked.
 They swam in Lake Powell and went on a raft. (Caeli's favorite part of the trip.)
 They had so much fun and wished the trip was longer.