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Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Busy Saturday

 This week has been crazy. Work is so busy, school is winding down, Caeline was on her class trip for three days and we had dance pictures this weekend. Kianna had all her pictures taken on Saturday.
When we got home the girls were hot and headed for the pool. Aunt Jodi and Aunt Pam bought new cameras and both had to take pictures with their new "toys"
 The girls were very happy to accomidate them and pose for many pictures.
 They love to jump off the wall at the back of the pool.
 Jumping in
 They love being in the water and Kianna has become a fish.
Back on Sunday for all of Caeli and Mariah's pictures for dance.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Caiti and Stephen's Wedding

When we picked the girls up from school on Friday they all went to the salon and got manicures and pedicures.
Saturday morning Caiti went to the hair salon at 8:00. Mariah and Kianna met her there and Caeli and I arrived a little later. Everyone got their hair styled for the wedding.
Caiti was so nervous. She was very chatty. I was glad we got to spend this time together.
When our hair was done, we headed to the church.
Mariah helped Caiti put her make-up on and Caeli helped Kianna. Then it was time to put on the dresses.
Putting on the finishing touches.
The beautiful girls!
Our family picture
Caiti made a beautiful bride.
It seemed like forever until the ceremony started. There was a ring bearer, but he was the 2 year-old nephew of the groom and he went down the aisle at a much faster pace than the flower girl.
Caeli was next, followed by Mariah.
Jodi gave the bride away. She was radiant and looked so happy.
During the ceremony.
Mariah was an amazing maid of honor. She helped Caiti and I was so proud of her.
The candle ceremony.
You many now kiss the bride.
Mr and Mrs Stephen Loftus
The Bridal party
Danny, Mariah, Stephen, Caiti, Kianna and Caeli
We drove over to a park for pictures.
It was a warm, beautiful day. 
Then we headed back to the reception.
Dinner was served.
The first dance "LOVE" by Nat King Cole
Lots of dancing
The garter and throwing the bouquet.
Cutting the cake.
It was a wonderful day!

Caiti and Stephen's Rehearsal

On Thursday afternoon we did homework quickly and headed to the church for Caiti and Stephe's wedding rehearsal. Kianna is the flower girl and Stephen's nephew is the ring bearer. Caleb is 2 1/2 and kept Kianna laughing.
Caeli is the bridesmaid.
Mairah is her maid of honor.
Caiti and Stephen aregetting married in two days.
Jodi is giving Caiti away. They practiced walking down the aisle three times.
Then we all went to dinner at The Dragon Palace.
Caiti and Stephen are so happy.
Kianna did not want her picture taken.
The girls love Caiti and Stephen.