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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Science Fair

 Every April the girls school holds a Science Fair. It is always the week of Earth Day. They have worm races, the 5th grade builds rockets and launch them and all students complete a project.
 Caeli's research was on gravity and it's affect on object. She worked on it for five weeks and completed a detailed Science notebook. To test her experiment, she gathered four balls (two small - a tennis ball and a ping-pong ball and two large balls - a basketball and a volley ball.)
 She dropped all ball from half way up the stairs and the top of the stairs. She discovered that weight did not matter, size did. The two small balls fell at the same speed and the two large balls fell at the same speed; even though the basketball weighed twice as much as the volley ball.
 She completed a board with all her data on it and presented an oral presentation. She earned the full 150 points for her project.
 This was Kianna's first Science Fair project. First grade can choose any experiment as long as they follow the scientific method.
 Kianna chose to test if flowers need water to live. She filled one glass with water and food coloring. The other glass was empty. She checked the flowers every few hours.
 One turned blue as the water went up the stem, the other flower died without water.
She received 100 points for her project. 

Count Down 2012

 I left work at noon and picked the girls up early from school. We headed to Apache Junction for our last dance competition this year.
 We checked stopped for lunch and headed to the competition.
 The Minis performed "Love Bug" first and were so cute.
 After they were done the kids hung out together. They had so much fun and were jumping up and down and cheering (screaming) while the Mariah's group performed.
 Mariah's group perfomed their group numbers tonight.
 "Love Bug" scored "gold" and "Jars Of Hearts", "Intergaltic", "ET", and "Baby Did A Bad Thing" all scored PLATINUM. The Encore Company was so excited!
 The morning arrived quickly and the girls returned for more dance.
Caeli's group numbers were this morning. "My Chick Rock", "Wind It UP" and "Devil With A Blue Dress" all score High Gold. Solos were immediately after and Caeli received a High Gold for "I'm The Greatest Star"
 Mariah's did her solo and we waited outside for awards to begin.
Mariah scored a Platinum for "Runaway Baby".

Saturday, April 21, 2012

 CAITI'S BRIDAL SHOWER... Mariah, Caeli and Kianna gave a bridal shower for Caiti this afternoon. They decorated our house and set the table.
 Cait was so happy and the girls love being with her.
 The guests enjoyed lunch.
 Jodi has known Caiti since she was three months old.

 Opening gifts
 Her wedding bears!
 She loved all her gifts.
 Mariah made a bouquet out of the bows.
All the amazing gifts.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

CAELI'S NEW JOB... Caeli looked so cute this morning, dressed to be a crossing guard at her school. She loves helping the younger kids get from their cars to the sidewalk. She volunteered to do this, and will be doing it the rest of the school year.

Monday, April 16, 2012

LA DANCE MAGIC DANCE CONVENTION.... I left work at noon and Friday. We picked the girls up from school and headed to a dance convention.

Fort McDowell is located about 45 minute from our home. There is a beautiful Radisson hotel and casino. We checked into our room (the second one was not ready and we had to get the key later. The girls ate sandwiches in the room and started to get ready.

Caeli had to check in early and headed down to stretch.

While we were walking to the convention center, we saw their dance director sitting outside with her babies (She had twins in November.) I got to hold her daughter Rylan.

and she held her son Blaze.

Caeli with Jessica and Jenni.

The competition started at 5:00. Caeli and Mariah both performed their solos and Caeli's trio was on tonight. It was a long evening until awards started at 10:30.

Jessica with six of the girls in Encore.

Kianna was thrilled to go up to our room and eat.

SATURDAY...The girls got to bed a little before midnight and had to be up and ready to check in for 7:30 Saturday morning. They had classes until they had a lunch break at noon.

Kianna loved the tutu that Miss Jen made for her.

We met the girls on their lunch break. The studio brought in lunch for them both days.

The girls in the Junior room.

They were so hungry!

The older girls.

Kianna and Jessica

IQ, Caeli and Monique do a trio together.

Classes ended at 2:30 and the competition for group numbers started at 4:00. The girls dances were done by 8:00 and we walked over to get some dinner. They were back in time for the award ceremony.

SUNDAY... The girls were back for classes at 7:30. We hung around the hotel until check-out. We loaded out things into the car and walked around. The girls finished at 2:45 and Mariah quickly got into her Intergalatic costume. One of her group dances was chosen as a top dance to perform in the faculty show. They did an amazing job and the show was fantastic.

As soon as the show was over, we headed to the car and drove home. It was a fun weekend!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

EASTER 2012... The girls were up early. Mariah worked for a long time on Caeli's hair. It looked so beautiful with all the curls.
Aunt Pam and Aunt Jodi arrived at 9. We took a lot of pictures in the back yard.
Mariah - 13 1/2
Caeline - 11 (she always has ZiZi in her arms)
Kianna - 7 1/2
My beautiful girls.
Ready to start their egg hunt.
(Kianna use to get upset that her sisters found so many eggs, this year she found the most!)

The girls love their aunts.
After Church, we stopped at the cemetery on our way home. We were surprised that the maker had already been placed on Mom and Dad's grave site.
It was a hot afternoon (reached the 90"s) so we spent the day by the pool and had a BBQ!

Happy Easter!