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Monday, February 27, 2012

SATURDAY... Everyone was tired on Saturday and took it easy. Kianna was invited over to play with Lylie in the afternoon. They went to an indoor play center called Imagination Ave. After they had dinner and played in the yard. Around 7 I got a call that Kianna had fallen and cut her head. We met them at the hospital and after four hours Kianna left with six stitches in her forehead and a teddy bear to cuddle. She has a headache, but she's doing great.
STEPHANIE AND PETER'S WEDDING...We were all up early Friday morning. Caeli and Kianna did not go to school. They were so excited!
First stop was manicures and pedicures for the girls.
(They love to be pampered)
Next stop was hair.
Mariah had a class she could not miss, so Mom picked her up at 11:00. Then she rushed through hair and nails.

Finally everyone was finished and had lunch. We headed to Windstar Gardens.
The girls dressed quickly. Jen and Tawnya have been their dance teachers for years. Their brother is the groom.
My beautiful girls.
Caeline walking down the aisle.
Here comes the bride!
The ceremony was beautiful!
On the way back.
Entering the reception
The Junior bridesmaids
So happy!
The party went on into the evening

Cutting the cake!
Stephanie threw her bouquet and Kianna caught it.
It was such a special day and the girls had so much fun!
WEDDING REHEARSAL... When Mariah and Caeli were in pre-school, they fell in love with one of their teachers. Stephanie was so sweet to them and they were so excited when her son Vincent was born. Over the years we have remained good friends and Kianna and Vincent are very close. Last July Stephanie and Peter (who is the brother of one of their dance teachers) got engaged and Stephanie asked all three girls to be in her wedding. Thursday afternoon we picked the girls up at school. They quickly changed and headed to Peoria for Stephanie and Peter's Wedding rehearsal at Windstar Gardens.
The girls practiced walking in and exiting.
Kianna and Vincent were very serious.
The rehearsal went by without any problems.
Kia and Vincent
Then everyone headed to the rehearsal dinner.
The food was delicious and everyone had fun.
Stephanie with the girls and Vincent.

Monday, February 20, 2012

ANOTHER COMPETITION... On Saturday, we headed to Mesa for our second dance competition. Kianna was very excited to compete in this one. We had to arrive at 7:45 and check Caeli and Kianna in.
Saturday was group dances. Kianna's group does the cutest dance. It is called Love Bug and Kianna and Michelle play two little girls that like two little boys. They do such a great job with it.
Kianna is hidden in this picture.
This is the Mini Dance Company. "Love Bug" received an Elite 2nd Place and came in second place overall. Caeli and Mariah's dances were fantastic. "Wind It Up" received and Elite 2nd Place and came in 6th place &"My Chick Rock" received and Elite 2nd Place and came in 7th place overall. Awards were given out at noon and then the Teens and Seniors performed. "ET" received an Elite 2nd Place, "Jar of Hearts" received a 1st Place and came in 8th place overall, "Bad Thing"received a 1st Place and came in 6th place overall, and "Intergalatic" received a 1st place and came in 4th place overall. The award ceremony finished at 5:30 and just when we thought we could go home, they announced that Mariah's hip-hop was chosed to compete in a Live dance contest that evening. We quickly grabbed some dinner and watched the competition. "Intergalatic" came in 3rd place. We were finally able to head home at 9:30!

SUNDAY MORNING... arrived much too quickly and we headed back to Mesa for solos and Caeli's trio.
Caeli performed in the trio number first. "Devil In A Blue Dress". It won an Elite 2nd Place and came in 2nd place overall. The girls solos' were beautiful.
Caeli's has so much fun with her number.
"I'm The Greatest Star" recieved an Elite 2nd Place and came in 9th place overall.
The judges chose Caeli to be 2nd runner up for Miss Prime Time!
In the afternoon, Mariah performed her solo. She received a 1st Place award.
We were happy to head home at 4:30. It was a great weekend!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

MIDDLE SCHOOL VOLLEYBALL FESTIVAL... Early Saturday morning all the middle school gathered for the Volleyball Festival. Mariah competed with her school and was awarded the 2nd place medal!

I am so proud of you Mariah!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

CAELI IS 11!... Caeli celebrated her birthday with a party last weekend.

She invited a few close friends to go Cosmic Bowling and sleep over.

Getting ready to go!

Bowling is so much fun!