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Monday, October 31, 2011

HALLOWEEN 2011... The girls were not thrilled that they had school on Halloween. Caeli and Kianna had fun at their class parties. They got to show off their costumes to their friends.

They got home at 4:30 and posed for some pictures. Caeli was a raccoon.

Kianna was an Angel.

The dog was barking and the girls went to the side of the house. We could not believe it when they said a chicken was there. He eventually wandered home.

Mariah started track today and got home a little after 5. We ate dinner and she changed into her costume.

She was a Chilly Bear.

All ready to go trick-or-treating and waiting for friends.

Caeli and Mariah have a tail!

Kianna had fun with Cydnee.

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

CARVING PUMPKINS... The girls love to carve pumpkins. This year was wonderful, they did most of it themselves.

It is so much fun to pull the seeds out.

They chose the face they wanted and carved it.

They created quite a mess!

"I don't like when my hands get messy"

Kianna went to the pumpkin farm with Vicki and Lylie and got the bigger pumpkin. Last Monday her class went on a field trip and she got a second pumpkin. She stayed at the table until both were finished.

Caeli's pumpkin

Mariah's pumpkin.

LEGALLY BLONDE THE MUSICAL... A friend asked us to join her and her family at The Broadway Palm Dinner Theather. The girls were so excited, they have been wanting to see the show.

Dinner was delicious and we enjoy visiting before the show began.

Kianna loves dressing up and going out.

Caeli was happy to see Amy.

After the show they got to meet the cast in the lobby and pose for pictures.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

FIVE YEARS AGO TODAY KIANNA... We were in Nanning, China waiting for my third daughter to arrive. I looked up and two nannies walked in with the most beautiful little girl.

You were so scared and not sure what to do. Finally, I held you and our lives changed forever. Our family was complete!

We spent the day getting to know you. Your sisters loved you from the minute they saw you.

The next day your adoption was finalized.

Our family in China.

Ten days later we landed in the U.S. and you were finally home.

Over the last five years, you have grown into a beautiful, talented, outgoing, spunky little girl who loves to talk. You are kind, spirited and love life. I love you more each year.

Happy Gotcha Day Anniversary Sweetheart!

FINALLY.... Kianna's front tooth has been loose for a long time. We thought it would come

around her birthday, and it didn't. We have thought it would come out the last few weeks, but it was not ready. Finally it came out while she was at school yesterday!
KIANNA'S 1ST SLEEPOVER...Last weekend Kianna had her first sleepover with a friend. She has so much fun with Lylie. They stayed up late and were up early the next morning.

They climbed trees, went to the part and went to Jambo. She had so much fun!