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Monday, July 25, 2011

ALMOST 7 WITH ATTITUDE... Kianna will be seven years old in a few weeks and she definitely has a first grade attitude. She knows exactly what she wants to wear and has been looking for these shoes (in her size) for a while.

Kianna loves her leather jacket.

I love this kid!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

SUMMER FUN... Last night we met some friends and attended a local dinner theater.

The girls haven't seen Bella, Amy and Alyssa in a while and were happy to see them.

We enjoyed a delicious buffet dinner.

They talked with friends.

Then the play started. It was the Broadway version of Cinderella. It was beautifully done and Kianna loved every moment of it.

When it was over the cast met the audience in the lobby and posed for pictures. There were two children in the cast.

The costumes were beautiful.

The wicked step-mother and step-sisters.

(Loved the hats of the step=sisters)

Finally they got to see Cinderella and the Prince.

We all had a wonderful night.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

HAPPY 4TH of JULY... Fourth of July is always HOT in Phoenix. This year was hot and humid. To escape the heat we headed to the water park.

The girls had fun in the wave pool and went on slides.

Mariah loves to lay in the sun.

Kianna is happiest in the water.

We all enjoyed a delicious BBQ at the water park. Then it started to rain. We waited a while and headed home. We were all sad that the fireworks had to be canceled, but we had a great day.