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Saturday, April 30, 2011

MEET THE NEWEST MEMBER OF OUR FAMILY... The girls (especially Caeli) have been begging for a dog for a long time. This morning I finally gave in and told them we would go "look". We went to a local animal rescue group and the girls fell in love with one dog.

Zizi is a three year old Chihuahua mix. He is so cute and well behaved.
We filled out tons of papers and headed home.

Kianna loved getting to hold him in the car and he sat like an angel the whole ride home.
The girls showed him around the house and even dressed him up in a basketball uniform that belonged to a Build-A-Bear stuffed animal they have.

He loves the backyard and ran all over.

He quickly learned to play ball with the girls. When they throw the ball he runs and gets it.

Zizi even brings it back to the girls. Hasn't quite gotten the idea to give it back, but lets you pull it out of him mouth.

He was exhausted tonight and fell asleep quickly. Now if only he will sleep in his bed all night.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011... The girls were up early and excited to see what the Easter Bunny brought in their baskets.

After breakfast they dressed in their new Easter dresses. They insisted on waiting until Aunt Pam and Aunt Jodi came over to go out back and hunt for Easter Eggs. We insisted on photos before they began.


Caeline (always posing)


There were eggs everywhere and they had fun collecting them and seeing what was inside.

When they were done, Mariah went up on the porch above the patio


dumped the whole basket of empty eggs onto the adults sitting below.

Then it was time to see what Mom and their aunts brought them.

Bubbles were a big hit.

After gifts we visited and went out for dinner.

Happy Easter from our family to all of you!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

COLORING EASTER EGGS... Vicki, Bryan and Lylie came over this evening to color Easter eggs with the girls. The kids played out back and we ordered pizza. Then it time for the fun to begin.The girls loved coloring the eggs. They painted designed on the eggs and then dipped them into the beautiful colors.

Caeli is growing up so fast.

Mariah and her niece Lylie (4)

The girls are very serious about the color combinations.

My baby isn't a baby anymore.

Mariah gives her all to everything she does.

All the colorful eggs.

Caeli, Lylie, Kianna and Mariah and all their beautiful eggs.

Friday, April 22, 2011

EARTH DAY... The girls had a half day of school today. They celebrated Earth Day and were asked to dress as a worm. A lot of thought went into their costumes.

The pinned worms to their shirts. Kianna dressed in brown and Caeli decided to dress in pink.

This morning Caeli figured out how to connect their earrings to worms. At school they had worm races. Both girls were disappointed that their worms did not win.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

SCIENCE FAIR... Every April the girl's school has their science Fair. For weeks grades 1 - 6 have each student work on a Science Fair Project.

Kindergarten students choose an experiment that they perform for the class. The teachers have the children wear a lab coat and glasses. Kianna elected to try and blow up a balloon inside a bottle. She punched holes in one soda bottle and didn't put any in the other.

She was able to blow up the balloon when the air had some place to go.

Caeli's experiment tested to see if kids and adults could tell the difference between regular and diet soda. She used Coke and 7-up products.

The adults could easily tell the difference. Kids were able to tell the difference between Coca-Cola and Diet coke. They had a hard time deciding if it was 7-Up or Diet 7-Up.

Caeli created a science notebook and a display board for school.

Mariah's project was to figure out which brand of nail polish dried the fastest. She found the ingredients in five different brands of nail polish. She researched how it was made.

She painted Caeli's nails and timed how long it took for them to dry.

She discovered that the more expensive the nail polish the quicker it dried.

The girls had fun doing their experiments and I am always glad when Science Fair is over!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

SPRING BREAK 2011... On Tuesday, March 29th we headed to Las Vegas for Spring Break. The girls were so excited. We arrived early on Tuesday and checked into the Excalibur Hotel.
We unpacked and headed out to explore the strip.
We went inside the Luxor Hotel and saw many Egyptian statues.
Kianna loved all the games and circus acts at Circus, Circus. She won a monkey playing games.
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 30TH... Everyone headed to the pool as soon as they woke up. The hotel has four pools and three were open. The weather was perfect.
It was so relaxing to lay by the pool.
The girls loved swimming!

Wednesday evening we took the girls to The Tournament of Kings dinner show.
They loved the knights, horses, jousting, and all the costumes.
Aunt Pam and Caeli waiting for dinner to be served.
Mommy, Mariah and Kianna
After the show we went out on the strip.
The Paris Hotel is beautiful.
THURSDAY, MARCH 31ST... After breakfast we walked down to the M&M store.
It is so cute and has M & M products everywhere.
We also got to see the Coca-Cola bear.
Then we went back to the pool for more swim time.
In the evening we walked down to the Mirage Hotel and saw the volcano erupt.
At Treasure Island Kianna got a really high seat to watch the pirate fight.
In Caesar's Palace in front of a statue.

All too soon we had to pack up and head home on Friday.