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Monday, March 21, 2011

TASMANIAN TOURS DOWN UNDER... Last Friday, Kianna's kindergarten class put on a play about Australia.
The play was performed by all the kindergartners at 8:30 am. Kianna was one of the kangaroos
The kids all sang and danced.
When it was over they invited their family to join them for cookies and lemonade.
Mariah's teacher let her come and see the play.
Kianna loves her teachers.
Miss Adler (on left) has had all three of my girls for kindergarten.
Kianna has so much fun with her friends at school.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

SCHOOL CARNIVAL... Saturday was the annual carnival for the girls' school. We arrived at the 3:00 (the girls couldn't miss a minute of it!).

Kianna had to have her face painted, even if it meant waiting is a VERY long line.
The results were worth the wait. Kianna had fun with Lylie.
She loved the petting zoo and adored the animals, especially the bunnies.
She rode the ponies
Played games
Was thrilled to watch a show with a singing cowboy
and even got to pet Dusty later on.
She rode the mechanical bull and had a great day
As for Caeli and Mariah, they took off with friends and we didn't see them for hours.
They do check in every now and then.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

IT'S KINDERGARTEN'S TURN... Kianna's Kindergarten class performed the songs that they have learned in music this year.

The kids all looked so cute and had so much fun.

Kianna had so much fun. She loves to sing and dance.

It was so much fun to see her with all her friends.

Monday, March 07, 2011

ROAD TRIP... Last week was a difficult week for the girls. We all needed a break, so Saturday morning I surprised them and woke them up early so that we could head to California.
With the time change, we arrived in San Diego by 11:00 am. We headed to Sea World. First stop was the Pets Rule show. The girls loved all the animals, especially the dogs.
We explored The Penguin Encounter and went on The Wild Artic ride.
One of the props from Pets Rule.

One of our favorites was Shamu. We also visited the Aquarium

and saw an amazing dolphin; Blue Horizons. We went on the Bayview Skyride and Kianna was thrilled.

Next was Shipwreck Rapids. The girls had so much fun that they went twice.

It is a crazy rafting ride where you "may get wet".
We were soaked!
It was getting cold and we were all so wet!
Then we noticed a sign
Human dryers!

We were not dry, but it sure felt better when we got out. We headed over for our last show,

Sea Lions Tonight. Then it was time to leave the park.

We checked into our hotel and changed. We went for a delicious dinner at Chevy's

and my very tired girls were ready for bed.

SUNDAY, MARCH 6TH... Sunday morning we let the girls sleep in. After breakfast we checked out of the hotel and drove to Seaport Village.

We had so much fun looking in all the shops
Walking by the water and seeing all the boats.
We ate lunch at the Pier Cafe
It was such a fun visit, but much too soon we had to head home.

Back to school Monday morning.