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Monday, November 29, 2010

FIREFLIES... Caeli's solo is adorable. She has so much fun dancing. Here are some pictures from KAR.

BEAUTY AND THE MESS... Mariah's solo is beautiful this year. She has grown so in the dance over the last five years. She wears a dress and looks so grown-up. Here are a few pictures taken at KAR.

Monday, November 22, 2010

KIDS ARTISTIC REVUE... Last Saturday and Sunday Arizona Sunrays Dance Company competed at KAR. The girls had so much fun and it was an exciting day. All three girls competed and I was so proud of them.

Kianna is in the Mini Company. They performed "Mr. Big Stuff". There are three adorable little girls and one boy. The dance is so cute. They received a 1st place trophy.

Caeli is in Junior Dance Company. Her first dance was her solo to "Fireflies". She was awarded a Top 1st place trophy. She also performed her trio number, "Trouble" - (Top 1st Place), "Night Clowns" - (Top 1st Place, 6th place overall and Creative Concept award), and "Hokey Pokey" - (Top 1st Place).

Mariah is in the Teen Elite Dance Company. Her solo is called "Beauty and the Mess" - (Top 1st PLace, 4th place overall), and her group dances are; "Cobra Style" - (Top 1st Place, 5th Place overall), "Hurt So Bad" - (Top 1st Place, 2nd place overall, spectacular Staging award), "Short and Untitled" - Top 1st Place, 1st place overall), "Hype" - (Top 1st Place, 1st place overall, Primary champion Award, Most Entertaining Award), and "Anti-Matter" with the seniors - (Top 1st place, 2nd place overall and Spectacular Staging)

Then to add to all this the dance studio was chosen Top Primary Studio. All the teachers and dancers were on stage. They played "We are the champions". The girls were so happy! I am so proud of them.

Here are some pictures. I will post Solo pictures soon

Mariah receiving her solo trophy.
The Teen Elites, and Teens waiting to get their awards
Caeli and friends on stage after their solos.

Caeli (and Mallory) with Top Studio trophy.
Kianna with three of the trophies.