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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL... The girls were up early Monday morning, excited to start school.
We met Mariah when we arrived at school. Mariah entered sixth grade today. I can't believe how fast the years have gone by.
Caeline was excited to start fourth grade. She quickly joined her friends and went into her class.
I'm thrilled that Kianna has Miss Adler for a teacher. Mariah and Caeli have both had her for Kindergarten. Today is an extra special day for Kianna. She is 6 years old today!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

WEDNESDAY, JULY 14, 2010... We were all up early and packed the car. We left a little after 6 and headed to California. We checked into the Hilton at Universal City and got settled in our rooms.
We walked over to City Walk and looked in the shops. The girls found T-shirts.
We had to go back to our rooms so the girls could change for the Hollywood Vibe Welcoming Pool Party. We went down to the pool and had dinner.
Caeli and Kianna quickly got into the pool and swam.
The girls were happy to see their friends.

The girls danced and we went up to our rooms a little after 10.

THURSDAY, JULY 15TH.... The girls attended classes from 8:45 until 2. They changed and we all headed to Universal Studios.
We walked down the street and headed to the Back Lot Tour.
After a short wait, we boarded the tram. The girls loved seeing the movie sets, King Kong in 3-D, being in an earthquake, see Jaws, and seeing all the special effects.
We walked around and saw characters. Pam, Mariah and Caeli went on Jurassic Park.
We went into a scary Haunted House maze and it was time for the park to close.
We headed over to Bubba Gumps for a delicious seafood dinner. The girls loved the signs telling the waiter when we were doing great and
when we needed service. We took the bus back to our hotel and the girls quickly went to bed.

FRIDAY, JULY 16TH.... The girls attended classes again today. Pam and I took Kianna over to Universal Studios for a short time. She loved getting to meet The Simpsons.

As soon as classes were over, we headed up to our rooms so that Mariah and Caeli could get dresses.Kianna loved getting ready to watch her sisters.
This is always exciting for the girls, but sad because it is the last time they will perform their solos.
Mariah and Caeli were nervous as they put on their make-up and did their hair.

We went downstairs and checked in at 4:30. The girls performed and we got some dinner. We went back and watched the Seniors compete.

SATURDAY, JULY 17, 2010... The girls had their last day of classes. We took Kianna to the pool and Caeli joined us there.
We headed to Universal Studios for our last day.
Kianna loved going down the red carpet to enter. (She had asked to bring her stroller and we were so glad we did. She hasn't used it for over a year, but it sure helps on vacation.)
We all rode the Simpson Ride. It is so much fun and Kianna kept asking to ride again.

Kianna and Caeli thought Donkey from Shrek was fun to talk to. The girls rode Jurassic Park again
The view was beautiful. The girls had fun looking at the exhibits and seeing characters
The girls played arcade games, and we ate lunch. We met other ASD groups.
We stayed until the park closed and returned to the hotel.