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Friday, July 30, 2010

SUNDAY, JULY 18, 2010... We checked out of the hotel Sunday morning and headed to Long Beach. We boarded the ship quickly and went up to lunch on the Lido Deck.

The girls had so much fun exploring the ship. The ship is docked next to the Queen Mary.

They walked around the pool, waiting for the rooms to be ready.

The weather was beautiful.

All too soon it was time for the lifeboat drill, and then dinner. We went back to the room and our luggage was there. We unpacked and were ready for the Cruise to begin.

MONDAY, JULY 19TH.... After breakfast we headed to the pool. There is a beautiful pool on the deck where our rooms are. The adults laid in deck chairs, while the girl swam, went in the jacuzzi, and went on the water slide.

We had lunch by the pool and watched ice carving and pool games.

It was cool (to us) and very relaxing. The girls quickly made friends and had so much fun.

We all dressed and went to the Captain's Welcome Aboard party and Gala dinner.

Kianna was on the dance floor the entire time. She has developed the same love of dance as her sisters.

We went to see a show after dinner and then headed back to our cabins.

Every night the steward turns down the beds and leaves a towel animal. The girls love to see which animal is on the bed. Tonight was a frog.

Caeli slept in the bunk in their cabin. The girls all climbed up there.

TUESDAY, JULY 20TH.... Another day at sea and we spent the morning by the pool.

Caeli loved the pool and was in it most of the day.

It was warm and beautiful and so relaxing.

Mariah loved laying in the sun. The girls all loved the games by the pool.

We were invited to a past guest cocktail party. We then headed to dinner.

After dinner we went to a Rock and Roll party on the Lido Deck.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 21ST... The ship arrived in Puerto Vallarta. We went on shore and shopped!

It was so beautiful, but very hot!

The girls bought everything that they wanted and we returned to the ship.

Caeli had purchased a penguin and they stopped her at the security checkpoint. They thought something was inside of it and took it. (She was upset, but did get it back leaving the ship).

Back on board we ate lunch and headed to the pool.

It was so beautiful sitting around the pool.

THURSDAY, JULY 22ND... We got off the ship in Mazatlan. It was another beautiful, HOT day.

Caeli and Kianna wanted to get their hair braided.

Kianna had never had her hair done, but sat quietly and loved every minute.

We did some shopping and returned to our ship.

The girls quickly got into swim suits and headed to the pool.

They had so much fun playing in the pool.

Kianna swam like a fish and had so much fun.

We walked around the ship before dinner.

We enjoyed another fabulous evening on the ship.

FRIDAY, JULY 23RD... We were only in Cabo San Lucas a few hours, so we were off the ship early.

We walked around and did some more shopping.

The town is so pretty and the girls love the people posed as statues.

Caeli and Kianna each bought a guitar (what was I thinking?).

More fun time in the pool!

We dressed for the second formal night and headed to dinner.

The girls love dressing up and looked so beautiful.

SATURDAY, JULY 24TH... Another fun day at sea. The weather was cold and windy. Caeli gave Kianna her Sunrays jacket to sit on deck.

The girls all had fun in the spa.

It was windy as we walked to dinner.

It was sad to say goodbye to the waiters and guests that we dined with.

Kianna had so much fun playing with Sammie. Her family is from Holland and now live in Aruba. They talked and talked despite Sammie only speaking a little English.

SUNDAY, JULY 25TH... Everyone was up early Sunday morning. We were off the ship by 10:00 and headed to Huntington Beach.

We enjoyed lunch on the beach and the girls had fun playing in the sand.

Kianna had so much fun. Her sisters found tiny crabs and she joined in quickly.

She adores Mariah and Caeli and loves playing with them.

The girls played for hours and didn't want to leave.

We spent the night in a hotel near the beach and headed home Monday morning.