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Sunday, May 09, 2010

CAR WASH... the dance studio has held two car washes to benefit a company family. The girls have attended both car washes.

The girls love holding signs out on the street.
Many cars stopped and the girls got to work.

Caeli has been such a good friend to Elora.
The girls love when trucks pull in. They jump in the back or climb on each others shoulders and get to work.

I am so proud of them. They have worked hard and love helping others.
SCIENCE FAIR... The girl's school held their annual science fair. April is always a busy science month for us.
Mariah did a study on stars; how many stars are in the sky, why do they twinkle, and how weather changes what we see. She spent two weeks doing experiments and them completed a 44 page science notebook, report and display board.
Caeli cose a fun topic (3rd grade is more fun than 5th). She tested different ages to see who childproof medicine bottles really are. She determined that once you can read, adults have a harder time opening bottles than kids.