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Friday, April 30, 2010

HOLLYWOOD VIBE... Last weekend we headed downtown to attend a dance convention and competition. The girls checked in and competed their solos. They both were amazing and received High Gold. Everyone was exhausted, but had a fun day.

Saturday morning the girls headed over for classes from 8:45 - 2:00. After classes Mariah went back to the hotel to rest with a friend and Caeli got dressed to compete. We were sitting in the audience when we received devastating news. The mother of one of the little girls in Caeli's dance group was told that her husband had died. Allan was a dear friend and had become very close to the girls over the last three years. Everyone was in shock, and decided not to tell the girls until after the competition. When the Juniors finished, the family headed home. The older girls competed in the evening.

Sunday the girls finished the workshop. It was a very hard weekend for the dance company. These pictures were all taken on Friday and Saturday morning. Hollywood Vibe is one of our hardest dance competitions. You need to score 93 (out of 100) to get a High Gold and 96 or above to receive a Platinum. Caeli's group received 3 Golds and a High Silver. Mariah's group received 1 Gold, 3 High Gold, and 1 Platinum. The studio has grown so over the last four years and received the top score for their Senior company. I am so proud of my girls.

Waiting for awards for solos
The cheering squad, Kianna and Jack
Mariah's trophy and their good luck bears

Caeli with her first dance teacher.

Monday, April 19, 2010

BRACES... On Friday Caeli had braces put on her front four teeth. We hope she will only wear these for six months.
I took these with my cell phone. She was so good while they were putting them on.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

HAPPY EASTER...from our family to all of you.
Kianna was so excited to open her Easter basket. The girls waited patiently until Aunt Jodi and Aunt Pam came over.
Eggs were hidden all over the yard and the girls had fun searching for them.
Kianna really got into the action this year.

We ate dinner in Glendale.
Margaritaville was delicious and while we were there we experienced an earthquake.
The girls loved the music, bunny and food.
We walked around outside when we were done.

Kianna was amazed by the fountains and show they put on to music.
I love this picture of Kianna looking at the rainbow.
Happy Easter!
THE TRIO... Caeli has been working hard the last few weeks with two of her friends.
They are dancing to "Trouble" and have so much fun with the dance.

They debuted the number last weekend and it was adorable.
they received a High Gold.