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Monday, March 29, 2010

HALL OF FAME... On Saturday we headed back to Mesa for another dance competition. All three girls were so excited to compete. Mariah competed on Saturday.
The first dance on was a new dance called Blood. Five of the girls were all vintage vampires who made an innocent girl become a vampire.
The dance received a GOLD and was also given an award for Intensity.
I loved this dance.
The second new dance was called "Keeping Secrets. Mariah and three of her friends were in this powerful number.
One of the girls dies and the other girls have to deal with grief and anger. The dance received a 1ST PLACE, HIGH GOLD.
It also came in 4th place overall and was awarded best in category.
Her 3rd number was Vanity.
The girls get better each time they perform it.

The number received a HIGH GOLD.
Life Doesn't Frighten Me was next
It is a modern dance, done to a poem.
It received a HIGH GOLD.
Child's Play was last for the day.
It is a haunting version of children's songs.
It also received a HIGH GOLD.
It was late when we left the auditorium with very tired girls.
Sunday morning was Caeli's turn. She performed her solo first.
Caeli has grown so in dance this year. She looked beautiful on stage.
Caeli has fun with Music Box.

Her solo received a HIGH GOLD.
Next was Kianna's turn.
She has so much fun performing in Grease.
This dance was awarded a GOLD.
Next Caeli was in a new trio number. Pictures will be posted!

Caeli performed a new tap number called Jump, Jive and Wail.
The girls had fun doing this swing number.
This dance received a 1st PLACE GOLD.

Kianna's second number was a tap number called Mambo #5.
She had so much fun!
This dance also received a GOLD.
Caeli's group also debuted another dance. A New Philosophy, from You're A Good Man Charlie Brown.
The girls received a GOLD.

Beat It was Caeli's last number of the day.
They received a HIGH GOLD.
and ended up in 4th place.
After a short break the Junior solo's started
Mariah performed All Around Me and looked beautiful.
Her leaps get higher each year.
She received a HIGH GOLD.
It was a very long, exciting weekend.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

SCHOOL CARNIVAL... The girl's school had their annual carnival this afternoon. The weather was beautiful, the games and rides were fun and all their friends were there.
Kianna loved riding the pony.
Kianna with her teachers.
In the petting zoo.
Mariah quickly went off with her friends
and Caeli joined hers.
Kianna has discovered my Ipod and uses it whenever she can.
Kianna was happy to spend time with her best friend.
The girls has a wonderful afternoon.