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Sunday, February 14, 2010

CLASSIC ROCK INVITATIONAL...AZ Sunrays hosts a gymnastic meet every year. The dance company is invited to perform during a break. On Saturday all three girls headed to the Cardinal Stadium in Glendale to perform. The girls found their friends and waited for their turn to dance.

Kianna was so excited to dance with her sisters.
The Petite group waiting.
The Sunbeams entering the floor.
Brittany is the director of the dance studio. She led the dancers in.
Last instructions for the Juniors.
The Cardinals mascot was there. The girls stopped for a hug.
The Sunbeams performed "Grease"
(Kianna is on the far right in the front row.)
The Juniors performed "Vanity"

Next, the Petite performed "Beat-It"

After the performance a few families went to Margaritaville for lunch.
The area is beautiful. It was a beautiful day. The temperature was in the 70's and everyone was outside walking around. The girl loved the fountains.

HAPPY NEW YEAR... The Chinese new year starts today. It is the year of the tiger.

Last weekend the FCC (Families with Children from China) met in Tempe to celebrate the new year. The children gathered on the stage. There was a flag for each of the provinces in China. The children gathered behind the province where they were born. Caeli is from Anhui and Kianna is from Gaungxi.

Caeli had a friend (Arielle) spend the night and she joined us for the celebration. We all enjoyed a delicious luncheon.

The girls were joined by another friend from school.

There were games for the children to play and face painting.

The time passed quickly and everyone had a great time. We waited for a long time for our turn to have balloons made,

Caeli got a blue dolphin.

Kianna got a pink dolphin

and Arielle got a beautiful horse. It was definitely worth the wait.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

HAPPY 9TH BIRTHDAY CAELI!... Caeli celebrated her 9th birthday on Tuesday. Aunt Pam was off and had lunch with her at school. Her class sang Happy Birthday to her and shared a treat (Brownie cupcakes).
All three girls dance on Tuesdays. The girls all had pizza to help Caeli celebrate her special day.
Caeli with her "Big sister" Micaela
It wouldn't be a birthday without another cake and singing once again.
And the dance company tradition, crawling through and getting your birthday spanking.
Happy birthday sweetheart, I can't believe you are 9!

MASTER CLASS WITH NICK GONZALES... The girls look forward every year to the Hollywood Vibe Dance Competition in April. Nick Gonzales is one of the teachers. He will not be able to attend the Phoenix Convention this year, and came to the dance studio to hold a special class.

The first class was for dancers under 10.

Caeli and her friends had so much fun . It was a hip-hop class.

Caeli really got into the hip-hop moves.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

PARTY DAY... The girls had Friday off from school. We were up early getting ready for Caeli's party that evening. Around 11:30 we left to go to the stores. Caeli was so surprised to arrive at Sweet and Sassy Salon.

Caeli had been to the Salon last Spring, but Kianna had no idea what was happening. The first stop was a mini-pedicure. Caeli chose red polish and Kianna chose hot pink.

The girls each picked out a toe ring.
Next the girls got mini-manicures.
My girls are such girly-girls.
The last station was hair. Kianna asked to have a princess up-do and Caeli elected to have a rock star hair-do.
The girls working with them were so sweet. They even painted stars on their cheeks.
All ready for the party!

PARTY TIME... Caeli decided to have a Hollywood Party to celebrate her 9th birthday. She invited 15 of her school and dance friends. They were asked to come dresses as their favorite celebrity.
Caeli was Miley Cyrus.

The house was decorated in a Hollywood theme and each guest entered on the red carpet.
They were given a rose and a V.I.P. Pass as they entered.
Each girl received an Oscar in a ceremony.
Caeli chose an award to give each of her friends. Mariah and Kianna tied for "Best Sister"
The girls had so much fun singing with a karaoke machine.
Kianna got into the singing and dancing.
Pam made a beautiful Hollywood cake for Caeli.
Happy Birthday Caeline!