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Monday, September 28, 2009

AUTUMN MOON FESTIVAL... On Sunday we went to McCormick Railroad Park to attend the Autumn Moon Festival picnic. It is a yearly event held by our local FCC (Families with children from China) group.
It was such a hot day. (we hit a record breaking 107 degrees). Kianna had fun playing on the playground.
Caeli joined in the three legged race and other games. She loved all the arts and crafts set up at tables.
Caeli colored this Chinese symbol and made the frame for it.
The Autumn Moon Princess was a beautiful young lady that was the first member of our FCC.
She read a story on the Autumn Moon Festival and then both girls posed with her.
Anytime we go to the railroad park the girls have to ride the train and carousel.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

MARIAH'S BIRTHDAY PART 3... Mariah's birthday party was today. Family and friends met at Great Skate this afternoon.
Kianna and Lylie were the youngest guests and both were excited to put on skates and try skating.
After putting on skates the girls had so much fun out on the rink.
Kianna took to skating and had so much fun.

After pizza the girls all enjoyed cake.
Opening gifts.
Mariah's friend Sophia gave her shorts, (she loved this gift). The girls continued partying at a slumber party.
Happy Birthday Mariah
Her birthday is officially over!
MARIAH'S BIRTHDAY PART 2... The night after Mariah's birthday we all went out to dinner to celebrate Mariah's birthday. As usual she chose to go to Olive Garden.Dinner was delicious. The girls favorite part is when the waiters bring a cake to the table and sing. Mariah had so much fun.

I love my three daughters!

Friday, September 18, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIAH... I can't believe that Mariah is 11 years old. She had a fun day at school and dance tonight.
We brought in pizza and brownies for all the girls in company.
Mariah loves being with all her friends.
The older girls made up a song and dance for her and she loved it!
GYM AND SWIM... Arizona Sunrays Gymnastic and Dance Center & Hubbard Family Swim School held an outdoor event to raise money for Phoenix Children's Hospital. There were booths all over the parking lot and the pool was open for swimming.
Kianna enjoyed touring a fire truck. She was given a hat to take home.
Some of the Sunrays dancers performed. Caeli's Petite was one of the groups chosen to dance.
The ground was so hot and the girls had Jazz shoes on. Their feet were burning.
They put mats down to dance on but they were hot!
The dance "Beat It" was fast and Caeli had a number of splits in the dance. She said the mats were so hot that she jumped up as fast as she could.
The girls did an amazing job.
I was so proud of Mariah and her friend Sydney. They wanted to help earn money towards their dance expenses, so they set up a lemonade stand for for over two hours sold drinks. They never left the table and worked very hard.
Mariah and some friends posed with the Cardinals mascot.
The event was a huge success and raised over $8,000 for Children's Hospital.

KIANNA... continued to celebrate her birthday. We went to dinner at Chuey's Restaurant ( a favorite Mexican restaurant) and after dinner the waiters placed a sombrero on her head and sang to her. She loved every minute. The girls were surprised when she got to keep the hat. She walked through the mall wearing it and many people enjoyed seeing her face in the hat.