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Thursday, July 30, 2009

TUESDAY, JULY 14th... We were up early and left the house at 6:00 AM. The girls were all so excited. They ride was uneventful and we arrived in Anaheim at 12:30.
The girls changed into their swimsuits and headed for the pool.

Kianna loved the pool. It was 2 feet at one end and 3 feet at the other. She could walk all over and had so much fun!
The girls played together until their friends started to check in. Then they scattered quickly.
Our cousin Jerelyn drove from Riverside to see us. Her sons; Justin and Matthew had fun swimming. Then we all went to dinner at Bubba Gumps. It was delicious.
WEDNESDAY, JULY 15th... The girls were up early and checked into the Hollywood Vibe National Convention. Kianna waited in the room and lobby with Aunt Jodi and Pam and I watched the classes.

The "Moms" went and got Subway for lunch. The girls ate in the lobby.
The Sapphires and Emeralds had fun shopping.
Classes ended at 2:00 and the girls had to get ready to compete their solos.
Waiting on stage for awards. "Dear Friend" got a High Gold and "I Need A Hero" received a Gold.
After awards Mariah ate with her friends and we ate at a restaurant in the hotel. We looked up and Mariah and friends were doing a conga line in the lobby with one of their teachers.

THURSDAY, JULY 16th..... Second day of classes. The minis pose with their dance instructor.

Girls rehearsing for group performance.
While the the girls were in class, Jodi and I took Kianna over to Disneyland.
Kianna was so excited.
We love Goofy!
Kianna was so excited to ride Dumbo.
When classes ended Pam joined us and Mariah and Caeline went off on rides with their friends.
KIanna was able to go on lots more rides. She is now tall enough to go on some of the fast rides. Her favorite was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. She screamed the whole ride and wanted to go again!
On the way to the bus we met up with Caeli, Amy, Alyssa and their Mom.

FRIDAY, JULY 17th.... Another day of classes.
Kianna woke with a smile on her face. She loves her Mickey Mouse.
While the girls danced Kianna played in the pool.
They delivered lunch to the pool.
At lunch break Caeli and her friend joined us. They went back to class and then got ready for the group competition.
Kianna played Nintendo DS with a friend while waiting for the competition to begin.
The girls did great!
The dancers and families all met at the pool and celebrated Amy's birthday.

SATURDAY, JULY 18th... Everyone was up early and headed over to California Adventure.
Waiting to meet all their friends.

The girls were so excited.
Waiting out front with friends.
Kianna got to see Pluto.
Arizona Sunrays Dance Company.
Mariah's group.
Caeli on stage.

All dancers on stage.
Kianna was so happy to be tall enough to ride all these rides!
Monster's Inc.
Mariah with friends.
WE nmet up and left eary to dress for the evening.
The Gala Banquet was held in our hotel.
The girls all looked so beautiful.
Mariah with her friends.
Caeli and her friend.
Mariah's table.
Kianna and her friend Alyssa.

When the Banquet was over, Mariah and Caeli hopped on a bus with their friends and went back to Disneyland until it closed. They had so much fun!

SUNDAY JULY 19th... We were up early, finished packing and checked out of the Marriott Hotel. We headed to the port in Long Beach and boarded the Carnival Splendor. We went up to the Lido Deck and enjoyed a delicious lunch.

We went down to see our rooms and unpack.

Kianna loved going our on the balcony.

Kianna fell asleep, but the rest of us took part in the life boat drill. (I know it is necessary, but our least favorite part of the cruise).

It was time for dinner and we found our table in the dining room.

The server made Kianna a bunny out of a napkin.

The girls went up to the Red Carpet Disco and danced.

The girls posed with Funship Freddy.

MONDAY, JULY 20th... A fun day at sea. We quickly headed to the pool after breakfast.

There is a minature golf course on the 11th deck and the girls had so much fun playing golf.

The day went quickly and we had to go back and dress for the Captain's Gala Dinner.

Aunt Jodi and Mariah.

Aunt Pam with Mariah and Kianna.

The girls had fun on the dance floor. Caeli "dipped" Kianna.

At the Gala dinner.

Our head waiter danced with Kianna.

TUESDAY, JULY 21st... Another day at sea. We sat out on the 10th deck in the sun. The girls had so much fun on the water slide.

Caeli loved having her Sprite in the fancy drink cups.

Caeli practiced her dance steps everywhere we went.

Dinner was fun each evening.

Kianna couldn't wait to find out which towel animal was in our room each night.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 22nd... We docked early in Puerto Vallarta and went off the ship.

It was so hot. We shopped for a while.

In front of our ship.

We were all happy to get in the hot tub when we got back on board.

"We love cruises!"

What a life!

Caeli rinsing off after swimming in the pool.

THURSDAY, JULY 23rd.... We docked in Mazatlan and went ashore right after breakfast.

Mariah and Caeli had their hair braided.

Mazatlan is so beautiful!

We rode on carts to get to the shopping area.

We had lunch when we got back on board.

We swam and hung out at the pool.

The girls love going to dinner each evening.
The food and service is wonderful. The waiters dance or sing each night.
We walked on deck after dinner, the sunset was beautiful.
FRIDAY, JULY 24th... We visited Cabo San Lucas today.
The ship docked early and left at 2:00 pm.
This man was sprayed with gold paint. He looked like a statue when you walked by him and then he moved. He shook hands with the girls and picked Kianna up. The girls loved it.
This is the entrance to the pool. The girls loved watching late night movies on the big screen out there.
The girls posed for pictures back on board and headed to the pool.
The second formal dinner was Friday evening.

SATURDAY, JULY 25th... Final day at sea.
Caeli purchased a book on creating towel animals and Kianna asked Funship Freddy to sign it.

The girls all made friends on board the ship. This is Caeli's friend Zoe.
Zoe's family had adopted a little girl from China the same year Kianna joined out family. Kianna and Piper quickly became friends and had so much fun together.
While sailing we saw a dolphins swimming and jumping in the water. Kianna loved it and she brought home a dolphin. She was not as thrilled with all the sharks that we saw. Someone said they saw a whale, but none of us saw it.
Kianna was excited to get a pizza and wait for the seaside movie to start.

SUNDAY JULY 26th... We had breakfast and had to leave our rooms early. We waited on deck until they called our number to leave the ship.
We played Uno while we were waiting.
Caeline is out of her mind playing Uno with her feet!