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Sunday, June 14, 2009

LAST RECITAL... We headed back to the school for the last show. Once again it opened with "Channel Surfing" followed by "Men In Black" Third was "Mama, I'm A Big Girl Now" and "Control". I will never know how Mariah was in three of the first four dances, changed costumes and made it on stage!

Mariah's next number was her ballet. "Comptine D'un Autre Ete" was beautiful. The older girls have all become such beautiful ballerinas.

Next was the"Muppet Dance". It is a fast fun tap dance.

Caeli's Tap dance is a fun baseball number called "Put Me In Coach" She has grown so in tap this year.

The Sapphires dance group does a beautiful lyrical number called "This Is Me".

Caeli does another tap dance to "The "Smurfs" The costumes are so cute and the dance is fast and fun.

Caeli's jazz number is "Video Killed The Radio Star" The dance is so cute and Caeli loves it.

The class has 14 kids in it.

The Sapphires tap dance is to "Bat Dance". It is very funny.

Mariah had a quick change (they were all quick changes) and performed "Dear Friend"

Caeki was in the most beautiful ballet I have ever seen. It is called "Welcome To Paris" The class danced beautifully.

Caeli loves her dance teacher, Miss Sonja.

The girls had such a fun time dancing. We are all tired, but had such a great time.

SATURDAY, JUNE 12th... We were back to the High School for an afternoon matinee. The dance company opened the show with "Channel Surfing" and then Mariah and Caeli only had one dance in the second half. Today was Kianna's show and she had so much fun. She really enjoyed dance this year and knew all three of her dances!

Kianna' first dance was her jazz number, "Witch Doctor"

Kianna's ballet was beautiful. She danced to "True Love's Kiss" She looked so sweet in her costume.

Her third dance was a tap number to "I Wanna Be Like You".

During the curtain calls. Mariah and her friends helped the little kids out on stage. They presented all the teachers with flowers.
We had about two hours between shows so many families met at Burger King for a quick dinner. The girls had fun with their friends.

Friday, June 12th... After dress rehearsals on Wednesday (7 hours) and Thursday (8 hours) we were glad to finish. Kianna sat and watched most of them (she had her own pizza party and played with friends while her sisters danced.
Friday finally arrived and we headed to North Canyon High School for the RECITAL.

The first number in the show is "Channel Surfing". The different levels in company dance to different TV theme shongs. "The Rubies danced to "The Adams Family"

The Sapphires danced to "Friends".

The enire dance company danced to "Full House" for the last song.

Mariah had a very quick change, she was in the second number. It is the Adult-Teen Tap, and I got to dance with Mariah in "Men In Black"

The Rubies performed "Mama, I'm a Big Girl Now". Caeli was in seven numbers in this show.

Caeli performed her solo "I Need A Hero". The stage was slippery during dress rehearsal, but she was danced perfectly during the show.

The Sapphires also performed their jazz dance. I love "Willy Wonka" Mariah was in nine number in this show.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

IT'S SUMMER... Summer is finally here. The girls have been out of school for two weeks and enjoying their time off. The dance year is winding down and recitals are just around the corner. Last night the girls attended their annual award banquet.

The dance company all dressed up and had dinner at "Maggiano's"; a delicious Italian restaurant near our home.
The Rubies love being together. They get along so well and are all such nice girls.
Mariah is in the Sapphires. All these girls are Sapphires and Emeralds. They have some classes together and have become good friends.
Kianna spends a LOT of time at the dance studio and is thrilled to play with Jack. His sister Sarah is in the Pearls Dance Company. They had so much fun at the banquet.
Caeli with one of her teachers "Ms Jen" and a friend.
" Miss Brittany" is director and teaches the girls Jazz.
The Rubies waiting to get their awards.
Caeli receiving her certificate.
It's the Sapphires turn
Mariah received an award for "most Improved" and the "Junior - Highest Scoring Solo"
The girls has do much fun. They love dance!