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Sunday, April 26, 2009


Friday... We picked the girls up early from school and headed downtown for a dance competition. We checked into the Hyatt and the girls got ready. They were so excited as we left the hotel and walked to the convention center.
Friday evening was solos for dancers 8 and older. Caeli was the third dancer to perform and was amazing. She has improved in four weeks and enjoyed herself this time. I loved the smiles on her face.

Her leaps were so high and her legs were straight.
She really does amaze me.

They caught the middle of her cartwheel.

Mariah performed about an hour later. She really does look like an angel in her costume.

Mariah's dance is so emotional and this was the best performance that I have seen.

Awards were at the end and both girls received a "gold". Mariah also received a 1st place trophy in her division.
After the award ceremony we walked back to the hotel. We stopped at Majerle's for a light snack. We sat at an outside table and people walking by kept telling the girls how pretty they looked in their costumes.

Three very tired girls quickly fell asleep.
Saturday... The girls were up at 6:30. They dressed and had breakfast and then headed to the dance convention. They both had classes from 9 - 2 in hip-hop, jazz, lyrical, and tap.

At 11:45 they stopped for a lunch break.

Then back for more classes.
When they finished they wheeled the costumes to the dressing room and prepared to compete against other schools.
Mariah was in three dances; Jazz - Willie Wonka (Gold), Lyrical - This is Me (High Gold - 3rd place), and Tap - Bat Dance (Gold - 1st place). Caeli was in two dances; Jazz - Mama, I'm A Big Girl Now (Gold - 2nd place) and Tap - Put Me In Coach (Gold- Best costume)

The awards ended at 7:30. Caeli went home with a friend and the rest of us went to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. We walked back after we ate and watch the Senior company compete.

We were all exhausted when we got back to the hotel.
Sunday... Mariah was up early and back for 6 more hours of dance classes. She loved it and didn't miss a minute. She was chosen to be one of the 10 Scholarship finalists.
Kianna played the entire time and is such a great sport.
We attended the award ceremony. Mariah received her scholarship and got to dance in the faculty show. We picked up Caeli and headed home. It was a fun weekend, but everyone was exhausted.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

"MISS" JEN'S WEDDING... The girl's dance teacher got married this weekend. We were invited to the reception on Saturday evening. Jen was a beautiful bride and the girls loved being part of her special day.
Jen and Alan had so much fun. The girls loved seeing them cut the cake.
Many of the girls friends were at the wedding. They had so much fun running all over.
Jen's nephew was so cute. His mom had been a pre-school teacher for Mariah and Caeli while she was pregnant with Vincent. He was so cute. He walked up to Kianna and said "Do you want to dance with me". Then he led her to the dance floor and they look so cute together.

Caeli danced every dance. She loved being out there and even learned some new dances.
Jen called the girls and they joined in the "train dance".

Both girls tried to catch the bouquet. When Jen threw it, it broke into four sections, so that four girls caught part.
The girls had so much fun and didn't want it to end. Caeli had a couple of friends come home with her and spend the night.
EASTER EGG HUNT... Last weekend the Easter egg hunt at my mother's care facility was rained out. This weekend we had the beautiful, sunny weather that we usually have. My mother had so much fun watching the girls.
The girls had fun collecting Easter Eggs. The grass on the inside area had lots of eggs for the 4 and under group. Kianna had so much fun running all over and collecting them

Mariah and Caeli had to hunt on the outside area. The eggs were hidden and they ran all over, got them out of trees and searched inside bushes.

When the hunt was over, the girls opened their eggs. Caeli had a paper in one that had a bunny on it and won the prize. She was thrilled to receive a soccer ball.

Monday, April 13, 2009

HAPPY EASTER... to all you and your family from our family.

SATURDAY... The girls attended their first bridal shower on Saturday afternoon. One of their favorite dance teachers is getting married next week. "Miss" Jen has taught the girls for five years and they all love her. They had so much fun. All of their friends were there and they loved the games.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

SOLO PICTURES... I received the disc with the pictures that were taken on stage last weekend.
Caeli danced beautifully to "I Need A Hero". This was the first time she performed on stage alone. She was nervous waiting backstage, but went out and did an amazing job.

Mariah's second solo was very different from last year. She danced beautifully to a haunting song; "Dear Friend".