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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

CHRISTMAS EVE... The girls were excited to go join friends for Christmas Eve dinner.
Mariah and Gabe, Caiti's dog.
Caeli and Caiti
Dinner was delicious.
After we exchanged gifts.

Mariah came out wearing Caiti's wig, she looks so different in short hair.
When we arrived home, we continued to celebrate.
The girls were happy to get into their pajamas and get ready for Santa.
Sprinkling reindeer food on the front lawn, so Santa would know where to stop.
They had so much fun.
The girls baked cookies for Santa.
They put them on a plate with a glass of milk and went to bed!
CHRISTMAS MORNING... Caeli woke several times during the night and finally got everyone up at 7:15. She was so excited that Santa had come!
The girls are all growing so quickly and everyone needed a new bike.
Mariah asked for a Nutcracker when she was young, and a tradition was started. Every year Santa brings a Nutcracker to each of the girls. This year they received Mickey, Minnie and Tigger.
Aunt Pam made a beautiful quilt for Mariah. All the holidays are represented. Mariah loved it!
We love Christmas!
Kianna was thrilled to open bride and groom dolls.

Caeli has done her room is hot pink and black. The fiber optic lamp was a perfect match.
Mariah added more houses to her collection.
The girls had a wonderful Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

MERRY CHRISTMAS... We are all enjoying the holiday season. The shopping is done and everything is wrapped.

A few days ago, we went to a holiday lights display. I took the older girls every year when they were little. Last year the family moved and we missed going there. We were thrilled when a friend gave us their new address. So, Sunday evening after dinner we headed there.
Kianna loved seeing all the animals.
Mariah loves all the lighted houses and has her display at home.
This display has hundreds of houses and the woman who lives there was so sweet. She gave Mariah lots of ideas when she sets her houses up next year.

ME AND MY DOLLY... Kianna was thrilled when Santa gave her a doll with a matching outfit for her. She had to wear it right away!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

OUR SANTA PARTY... Saturday evening we had our 11th annual Christmas party. 44 adults and 41 children attended. The girls had so much fun setting up and were a huge help this year.

Everyone waited in the family room for Santa to arrive.


Caeli and

Kianna were excited to receive their gifts.
Kianna loved her new doll.
The "Juniors" and "Teens" with Santa.
Next it was the "Petites" turn.
Santa took family pictures .
Then after Santa left the kids played and adults visited. We had a wonderful time!

Kianna kept going and going. As soon as it was over she laid on the couch and crashed.
HOLIDAY DANCE PARTY...After dance on Friday the dance company attended their holiday party.
The girls enjoyed pizza for dinner and received gifts from the dance studio.

All big sisters exchanged gifts with their little sisters.
Micaela with Caeli and Kierlyn
Kianna enjoyed the party too. She is with her dance teacher "Ms Jen"

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

ZOO LIGHTS ... Every year the Phoenix Zoo is magically transforms into an amazing holiday light display with 2.5 million lights and more than 500 custom-made animal and nature light sculptures. We try to go every year and always enjoy it.
This year the dance company was invited to perform there. It was a cold night (okay, it was in the 40's and that is cold for Phoenix). We bundled up and headed to the zoo. The girls were allowed to enter the zoo early.
The "Petites" tried to stay warm while waiting. There wasn't a dressing room, the stage floor (made out of planks of wood) was uneven, the music stopped a few times, yet these girls all had a great time.
A very large group watched the girls dance.
The "Juniors" wore very tiny costumes with thin straps.
The "Juniors" did a lyrical number to Silent Night, a jazz dance to Frosty The Snowman, and Their modern dance to Life Doesn't Frighten Me.

The "Petites" performed three numbers; a jazz number to I'm Getting Nothing For Christmas,
a tap number to "Have A Holly Jolly Christmas and Beat it.

After the cast posed for a group number.

Caeli and Kierlyn with two of their teachers, Miss Jen and Miss Jill.

Kianna and Vincent have been friends for years. A few months ago he asked her to marry him. She has another boy she likes and when asked which one she was going to marry, she replied that no one had given her a ring, so...
Vincent gave Kianna a ring for Christmas. (It had better be a very long engagement)!