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Friday, November 28, 2008

HAPPY THANKSGIVING... We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Kianna went to her first Thanksgiving feast at Pre-school. She was a Pilgrim this year. Her class put on the play Stone Soup and enjoyed a feast of soup, fruit salad and corn bread. She had so much fun.

We all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Dinner was delicious. and the girls had fun. The camera didn't work right and this was the only picture we got.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

BLANKET DRIVE... Caeline's Brownie troop held a blanket drive at school this week. They handed out fliers asking for blankets for an organization called Blanketing Arizona. On Christmas Eve they give blankets, quilts and sleeping bags to the homeless in downtown Phoenix. Each morning this week the scouts stood outside school and collected blankets as the students arrived at school. They collected 42 blankets and 8 sleeping bags. She loved doing this and I am proud of her.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

SATURDAY... The girls all returned to compete at Kids Artistic Revue.
Caeline performed first, in Mama, I'm a Big Girl Now. Her dance earned a Top first place award. It also came in 9th place in her age division. (8 and under) They also recived a special award "Future Stars of America". Mariah's group does a jazz number called Willy Wonka. Her dance earned a Top first place award. It also came in 3rd place in her age division. (8 - 13)

After their award ceremony, it was Kianna first time to compete. She was in the 4 and under division. She was so happy on stage and danced to I Wanna Be Like You. She smiled the biggest smiles.

Everyone was starving, so we left to go to dinner. We got back just in time for Kianna to join her teacher on stage for the award ceremony. Her dance recieved a first place.

FRIDAY... The girls were off from school the last two days (the teachers all went to conferences in California). Kianna went to her home daycare and they treated her to a fun day at the mall. She went to Arista Curlz. They did her hair, put glitter on her face and did a manicure and pedicure. She looked so cute!
We all met at a local high school for the Kids Artistic Revue dance competition. Mariah performed her solo, When She Loves Me, for the last time. She received a High first place (the highest award given) and a 3rd place in her age division.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

MAKE-UP BOOT CAMP... The dance studio is getting ready for their first dance competition and the director decided to hold a Make-up Boot Camp to teach the older girls how to put on their own make-up. It was fun to watch and this was the final results after Mariah got done putting on her make-up.

SCHOOL CARNIVAL... On Saturday (11/15) the girls school held their first annual carnival. The girls had so much fun. They played games, went to the petting zoo, went in bounce houses, joined in dance contest and spent a fun afternoon with their friends. D-Baxter (the Diamondback's mascot) was there and gave out Diamondback caps. Kianna was thrilled with hers.