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Friday, October 31, 2008

HAPPY HALLOWEEN... I spent the morning at the girls school. The morning started out with a "scary" breakfast that was served to the teachers. There were so many creative dishes served.

Kianna started preschool at 9:00. She loves going to school and was excited to show off her classroom. She played with her friends, went on a pumpkin hunt, had snack, visited a petting zoo, and posed in Halloween cut-outs.

I spent the afternoon in Mariah and Caeline's classrooms.
Caeline is in second grade. There are two classrooms and four teachers. the four teachers dressed as the four seasons. Caeline's teachers were Winter and Fall. The principals dressed as Queen for a day and visited all classes.

Mariah and Caeline has so much fun at their parties. The costumes were great.

After School the girls got a (brief) rest and we headed to the care facility where my mom lives. The girls had fun going to all the cottages and showing off their costumes.
We returned home to meet Vicki, Bryan, Brittany, Kevin, Lylie, and Norma for a quick dinner and Trick-or-Treating. The kids all had fun and got much, too much candy.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

PUMPKIN PATCH... on Sunday, we went to the Tolmackofff Pumpkin Festival in Glendale. Kianna was watching out the window and when she saw the farm said "Mom, I am exited about this". She loved petting the animals and playing on the slides.

There were so many cute places for photos and the girls had fun posing.

There were two corn mazes. The large one took 45 - 60 minutes to go through. You had to find 4 pieces of a map and put it together. The girls had fun solving the puzzle. They got to pick ears of corn as they were walking.

Caeline and Kianna fed their corn to the horses. They had so much fun. The last stop was to pick out pumpkins in the pumpkin patch. What a fun day!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

HALLOWEEN FUN... Some good friends have a Halloween party every year and the girls look forward to it.
Twenty children attended and played games. There was a bounce house and Kianna had so much fun bouncing in it.

The girls all enjoyed the pinata and making monster hands with candy corn and popcorn.

They put on their costumes and ate dinner with their friends. Kianna is Ariel and loves wearing her red wig.

Mariah decided to be Raggedy Ann for the party and Caeline went as a witch.

All the children posed for a group pictures and then went for some early trick-or-treating. (The parents at the party supplied treats).

Monday, October 20, 2008


On Sunday we got out all our Halloween decorations. Kianna was so excited. She loved all of them and had so much fun looking at everything. Her favorites were the large ones on the front lawn that light up. This age is so much fun. She loves every holiday.

Kianna was invited to a birthday party for a little girl in her class. They could wear their costumes and Kianna went as Alice In Wonderland.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

TWO YEARS AGO... on October 8, 2006. we woke up in Nanning, China. We dressed and had breakfast and posed for our last family picture of the three of us. It seemed like forever until we left to meet with the officials.
We waited in a room for what seemed like forever, and finally the assistant director of the Pingnan orphanage and two nannies walked in with the sweetest little girl. She was so scared and cried so hard when she realized she had to leave them and go to me. We spent some time with her and returned to our hotel.
Mariah and Caeline played with her and she slowly got to know her sisters and mommy.

We all loved our time in China and getting to know Kianna. The girls fell in love with her immediately and with time she adjusted and adores both of them.

I can't believe that we have known her for two years. Kianna is a wonderful daughter and loved by all of us. She loves life and lives each day to the fullest. She is sweet, caring, spunky, spirited, smart, stubborn, loving and has completed our family. We were all blessed when she joined our family. Happy Gotcha day, sweetie, I love you!