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Sunday, September 28, 2008

DIAMONDBACK GAME... After the party we headed to downtown to attend a Diamondback game. The girls love to go to the stadium.
My company had special game tickets that we could buy. We were given red wrist bands and there were table of food that you could go and get (FREE). The girls had a ball going back and forth and getting hot dogs, nachos, peanuts, popcorn, water, and soft drinks. (They did have to add a bag of cotton candy and ice cream.

All three girls loved the game and got into it. The Diamondbacks beat the Rockies 6 - 4.

FAREWELL PARTY.... Eight years ago, when I made the decision to adopt from China, I found a wonderful agency to work with. They were kind, caring and so helpful during the long process.
I loved working with Sonja (about) and Margot (below) on Caeline and Kianna's adoption. They were always there when I needed them and became very special to all of us.
In the past few years, China adoptions have slowed down. The wait keeps getting longer and longer. (When I signed up to adopt Kianna I was given a log in date of April 12th. I decided to adopt a special needs child, which is a quicker procedure. I would still be waiting!). The wait has effected all of the adoption agencies, especially the small agencies. The agency I used closed at the beginning of this month. On Saturday there was a large party to say good-bye to these wonderful ladies. We got to see many people we met along our adoption journeys and it was wonderful to see them and all the beautiful children.

The girls had so much fun visiting with friends. It was a wonderful event with quite a few tears shed.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

AUTUMN MOON FESTIVAL... While Mom stayed home with a terrible headache, Aunt Pam and Aunt Jodi took Caeline and Kianna to the McCormick Ranch Railroad Park.

FCC (Families With Children from China) hold an event every September to celebrate the Autumn Mood Festival. Families from all over the valley bring a picnic dinner and celebrate at the park.
The children play games; like pin the tail on the rat (It is the year of the rat in China), have sack races. three-legged races, make crafts and play together.

On of the highlights of the afternoon is when the Moon Princess comes and reads stories to the children. She poses for pictures and everyone shares moon cakes.

The children played on the playground, rode the train and the carousel. Kianna had so much fun and ran from one thing to another.

MRIAH'S BIRTHDAY PARTY... On Saturday evening Mariah was joined by 10 friends for an ice skating party. The girls all met at the Alltel Ice Den where the Phoenix Coyotes train.
Aunt Pam made this ice skating cake for Mariah.

The girls spent the first hour in the party room. They enjoyed pizza, cake and a lot of fooling around. Mariah tried and tried to blow out the candles, but I had put trick candles on and it took many tries.

After eating we put on ice skates and entered the rink. Kianna worked hard and was skating pretty well by the end of the evening.

After the first hour they had a break. Mariah was thrilled to get to ride the Zamboni and help clean the ice. She was so excited.
During the second hour I fell skating and hit the back of my head. This resulted in a midnight trip to the emergency room and a CAT scan. I have a concussion and a terrible headache.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

MARIAH HAD A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY... She brought treats for her friends at school and then went to dance class. The girls (25) lined up and made her crawl through and get birthday spankings. She complained loudly, but loved every minute.
We left dance class an hour early and went out to eat. Mariah got to choose where we went and went to a favorite Mexican restaurant; 3 Margaritas.

After dinner they came and sang Happy Birthday to her and brought a special dessert. We all had a wonderful time.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIAH...I can't believe that Mariah is 10 years old. It seems like just yesterday that she was a baby. She has grown into such a wonderful young lady and we are so lucky that she is in our lives. Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Monday, September 15, 2008

STILL AROUND.... Yes, we are still around, just busy with school, dance, and lots of shopping. Not many pictures. The girls spent grandparents day with my mom and loved helping all the residents. They take lots of dance classes this week. Someone is there 5 days a week and I am doing more drop off this year. Kianna has grown up so much since starting pre-school. She "knows everything" now and is always telling me the right way to do everything. She recites the Pledge of Allegiance and sings You're A Grand Old Flag all the time.