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Saturday, August 23, 2008

KIANNA'S BIRTHDAY PARTY.... Kianna was so excited to celebrate her birthday this afternoon. 20 children spent the afternoon at Pump-It-Up. Kianna was so excited to have many of her new friends at school join her.

The children spent 40 minutes in two different play rooms. They climbed slides, jumped in bounce houses, ran obstacle courses and had so much fun.

After playing hard, the kids went into a third room for pizza, drinks and cake.

Kianna is in love with The Little Mermaid. All her party goods and cake had Ariel on them.

The girls were so happy that family friends Caitlin and Cassidy could come to the party. We became friends while waitling to travel to China to pick Caeline up. Their twins were born a couple of months after Caeline and they have been friends ever since they met.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIANNA.... Kianna celebrated her 4th birthday today. She started pre-school on Monday and came home sick Thursday. Yesterday she ran a high fever(104.5 degrees) all day. She woke up feeling much better today and ready to celebrate.

Her sisters had dance this afternoon. After we went to Olive Garden and had dinner. Kianna loved when the waiters came to the table and sang to her. She blew out the candle on her cake and enjoyed every minute.

When we got home Kianna opened presents. She loved the pink wooden dollhouse . She has arranged the furniture many times and I think Cinderella moved in.

One of Kianna's favorite things to do is play with her kitchen and food. Mariah gave her a chef's hat, apron and pot holders. She loved them
She was flying all over the house on her new scooter and played with her new baby doll.

Happy 4th Birthday sweetheart!

Monday, August 11, 2008

BACK TO SCHOOL... School started today. Mariah entered 4th grade, Caeline entered 2nd grade and Kianna started pre-school! The nicest part is that all three girls are at the same school. Kianna loved school! She played with the other children and can't wait to go back. Mariah and Caeline both had great days. I picked them up when school ended and we went out for ice cream.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM... Tuesday was my mother's 87th birthday. The girls brought a cake to her home and some flowers. I'm not sure she understood it was her birthday, but the girls love helping her celebrate.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Wednesday, July 23rd... We got up early and were on the road by 5:30 am. The girls watched DVD's and talked. The ride went quickly and we reached Anaheim by lunchtime. We checked into our hotel and headed to the beach.

Kianna loved the waves and The girls all loved jumping the waves and building sand castles. It felt so good to be at the beach and away from the heat.
Kianna loved the waves and The girls all loved jumping the waves and building sand castles. It felt so good to be at the beach and away from the heat.

We left the beach and went back to our hotel. We brought in all our luggage and changed. We walked over to Downtown Disney and ate at the Rainforest Cafe. The food was delicious and the girls had so much fun. We shopped in some of the shops and headed to bed.

Thursday, July 24th.... After an early breakfast we went to Disneyland. Kianna was so excited as we walked down mainstreet. The park was just opening and we quickly got on most of the rides in Fantasy Land.

Kianna was so excited as we walked down mainstreet. The park was just opening and we quickly got on most of the rides in Fantasy Land.

At noon we walked over to California Adventure.

We met Miss Jen(one of the girls dance teachers) and some friends for the Princess Luncheon at Ariel's Grotto. Lunch was delicious and the girls got to pose with Ariel, Snow White, Auora, Belle and Cinderella.

The girls spent the day riding rides with their friends. Mariah and Caeline rode Tower Of Terror 6 times and Caeline even dared to ride California Screamin.

Friday, July 25th.... Another early morning and off to Disneyland!

Mariah and Caeline had to arrive in full make-up wearing their Sunrays jackets. We posed for pictures with Mickey and Pluto when we entered the park.

At 10:00 the dance company met at the entrance to Toontown.

The girls waited with their groups. A representative from Disney met the girls and took them into the back area to dress and the rest of us waited for the show to begin.

The Dance Company danced for 30 minutes. The show was fabulous!

Caeline's last performance as a "Pearl". They performed their tap number to "What I Like About You".

Mariah learned a new dance in just a few weeks. The "Emerald" tapped to "Come On Everybody", a fast dance with a lot of Elvis songs.

Caeline last chance to perform "Hairspray"

Mariah's last performance of "Take Off With Us"

After the show the girls all pose for a group photo and changed. They spent the day riding rides with their friends and having an unbelievable day.

Caeline's friends preparing to ride Splash Mountain.

Saturday, July 26th... We had a much needed quiet Sunday morning. After lunch we headed to Riverside to visit our cousin Jerelyn and her sons.

Mari surprised us and flew down from San Jose. We had so much fun visiting.

The girls had so much fun playing with their cousins, Justin and Matthew. They had lunch, decorated cookies, played in the sprinklers and on the swings.

We has such a nice visit, it was just much too short.

Sunday, July 27th... We packed and headed to the pier in Long Beach. We checked in and boarded the ship.

When we entered we went up to lunch on the Lido deck.

The girls had fun exploring the ship. We were able to go down to our rooms and unpacked when the luggage arrived.

They had to try the pool for a fast swim.

At 4:00 we attended the life boat drill and then the ship took off. I had to attend a meeting for camp and we went to the dining room for dinner.

Monday, July 28th... A Fun day at sea.

After breakfast we spent the day by the pool. We had fun playing minature golf and swimming. We had fun relaxing. There was plenty of food, drinks, music and fun. The girls watched the ice carving and the hairy chest contest.

We dressed early and attended the Captain's cocktail party and gala dinner. The girls love dressing up and had so much fun.

Tuesday, July 29th... Another fun day at sea.

More fun in the pool. The girls went to camp and loved it. They made lots of friends.

After lunch we went to the camp rooms and the girls made build and animal. (simuar to Build-A-Bear). They stuffed them themselves and sealed them.

We were invited to another cocktail party. The girls love dancing on stage.

After dinner Mariah and Caeline went to camp and Kianna went to see the show with us. There was a ventriloquist. Kianna got to pose with hime and his bird Hatty.

Wednesday, July 30th.... The ship docked early in Peurto Vallarta. We joined a tour group to see the Mismaloya City Tour. The first stop was at Guadalupe Church. It was beautiful.

The tour continued through the town and town Square.

The 30 mile drive along the shore was beautiful.

When we reached Mismaloya, we saw where they filmed "Night Of The Iguna". They placed an Iguana around Mariah"s neck. I was surprised how calm she stayed.

We had time to shop before returning to the ship. The girls all bought dresses and wore them to dinner.

Eavery night our cabin steward turned down our beds. He created animals with towels and Kianna was excited to see which animal was there each night

Thursday, July 31st...Our second stop was in Mazatlan.

We took a tour of the area. We drove down the coast to watch a cliff diving show. The water is very shallow and it was amazing to watch.

We drove north of the city to an old theater. There was a fantstic show where we got to watch Mexican Folkloric Dancers, followed by a high-flying ancient ceremony performed by the world famous Papantla Flyers. The girls loved it. The dancers came up by the seats and after posed with the girls.

The next stop was a shopping plaza. Mariah and Caeline had their hair braided and bought many things to bring home.

We were all ready for a swim when we got back on board the ship.

We enjoyed dinner and walking around the ship.

Friday, August 1st... Today the ship stopped at Cabo San Lucas. We had to take a tender to shore and shopped.

When We got back to the ship, we played by the pool for the afternoon.

There was another formal dinner this evening. The girls loved dressing up. The waiters performed after dinner and the girls were up and dancing with them.

Tonight was was the Gala Midnight Buffet. They let people enter at 11:30 to take pictures. It was amazing to see.

Saturday, August 2nd... Our last day at sea.
We ate breakfast by the pool. It was very cool and windy today.

There was a tour of the galley this afternoon. It was amazing to watch them prepare food for over 2100 people.

Our last dinner. We packed and left our bags outside our door.

Sunday, August 3rd... We were up early and went to breakfast. We waited in the lobby and played cards until our number was called. (we were the last number!). It took two hours to go through customs, get our luggage, load the car and get out of the parking lot.

We finally started home at noon. The ride was uneventful (well, Mariah lost a tooth) and we got home a little after 7.