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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

WATERPARK... On Sunday, we tried to escape the heat and headed to the waterpark. We were there about five minutes when Kianna fell and hit her head. She has a huge bump, so we had it checked out. The girls finally got into the water and enjoyed the day. The girls played in the water and the rest of the day was fun. We stayed a couple of hours and headed home.

FOUNTAIN PLAY... On Friday evening we went to Desert Ridge Marketplace and the girls played in the fountains. It was a hot day and it is delightful to sit by the water and listen to music. The girls had fun in the water!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

RECITAL WEEK... What a week we have had. The girls had long dress rehearsals (4 hours on Monday and 8 hours on Thursday). Kianna was not sure what to make of all this, but was a trooper. to make it worse it was HOT this weekend, over 110 degrees every day! This year the recital consisted of three performances on two days. Mariah and Caeline were in 11 numbers on Friday night. Then on Saturday there were two shows. Caeline and Kianna were in the afternoon performance (1 dance for Kianna and 5 for Caeline). We quickly went out with friends for dinner and were back for the evening performance. Both girls were in the opening number and then Caeline got to watch the show. Mariah had four numbers on Saturday night.

In the"Emeralds" jazz class they performed Take Off With Us. They have been doing it for months and it keeps getting better and better.
They also performed Safety Dance. It is a crazy tap number that the girls have a lot of fun with.

Mariah's solo has improved so much this year. When She Loved Me is such a sweet lyrical ballet.

The "Emeralds" performed Waltz From Swan Lake as their company ballet. It was beautiful!

Mariah took a second jazz class and they performed Rock Star. It was a fast and fun dance, which included a lot of her friends.

Another jazz class performed Can't Fight The Feeling. It was fun to watch.

On Saturday morning, Mariah takes a lyrical class. They performed Flying Without Wings. It was so beautiful and graceful. Mariah tried this jump many times before we captured it on the camera.

The entire dance company (28 girls in six levels) opened both evening performances with Black Parade. It was an amazing number and the girls all worked so well together.

Caeline is in the "Pearl" company. They always have fun with Hairspray (jazz) and the audience loves all the 6 and 7 year olds in big wigs. They performed What I Like About You (tap), a fast rock star production. Both numbers are so much fun to watch.

Caeline's other jazz class did a medley of songs called 80's Babies. It is cute and has lots of fun songs in it.

Miss Sonja teaches ballet. The "Pearls" performed Be Our Guest and her other class did Something There; both songs for "Beauty And The Beast" Caeline really had made a lot of progress in ballet this year.

Kianna took her first dance class this year. She performed in Teddy Bear Picnic. She learned the dance, but was a bit overwhelmed when she walked out on stage. She only did part of the dance. We were thrilled that she joined the group and went out. She loves being at the dance studio and all the older girls pick her up and hug her.

Monday, June 09, 2008

HAVING FUN... after dance on Saturday we headed to the mall. It was cool and the girls had fun shopping. We spent a lot of time at the indoor playground. Caeline loves to take pictures and took all of the pictures that she is not in. Kianna loves to pose and they had fun.

AWARDS BANQUET... Friday evening the dance company held their awards banquet. The girl had so much fun having dinner with all their friends. There was a great turn out and the highlight of the evening was the awards. Mariah received the award for MOST IMPROVED! We are so proud of her.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

SCRUFFY ... We lost our dog, companion, and best friend yesterday. I adopted Scruffy 13 years ago (before kids) and he has been a wonderful pet for all these years. He loved each of the girls as they joined the family (he always insisted on sleeping under Mariah's crib) and played with the girls constantly. They all loved him and watch him grow old. Two years ago Roxy joined the family and while she took over some of the rough play, she was a challenge that Scruffy accepted. Scruffy passed away yesterday at the age of 14 and we all will miss him very much.

Monday, June 02, 2008

WATERWORLD SAFARI.... Every year we get season passes for the waterpark. We usually go on opening weekend, but this year the weather was so cold we skipped it. On Sunday, we finally went for the first time.
Kianna loved the water the minute she got in. She ran from slide to slide and splashed. She only went a couple of times last year.(after her surgery in June she had to stay out of the water for the remainder of the summer).
The girls took turns taking Kianna on the bigger slides. She has no fear and was asking for more as soon as she got down.

The girls favorite is the wave pool. All three jumped waves and swam. We got home with three very tired girls. They can't wait to go again.

GRADUATION PARTY....On Saturday we attended a Graduation party for Caiti. The girls had fun and love being with her. This has been a very busy week.