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Sunday, April 27, 2008


Friday, April 25th.... The morning started with everyone going off to school and work. I left work at noon and went home to pack the car. We picked the girls up at school at 2:15 and headed downtown. We checked into the Hyatt and started to get Mariah dressed and in make-up.

Kianna jumped up on the bed, arranged the pillows and said "I love hotels!" She jumped on the bed and played. Caeli and Kianna love the lobby and all the statues. We walked over to the civic plaza and Mariah checked in.

Caeline was so excited to be at the Convention Center.

The show started at 5:30. Mariah was very nervous, but all her friends were so supportive. She was lucky and was the 16th solo to perform. I sat at the edge of my seat and was nervous the entire time she danced. She was amazing! She did the best performance that I have ever seen. They added some new (more difficult) moves in the last two weeks and she did each of them perfectly. When she walked off the stage all her friends were screaming and hugged her.There were 91 solos on Friday evening.
Caeli lasted as long as she could. finally she placed a shirt on the floor and went to sleep. Finally, about 10:00 the awards ceremony starts. The judges were harder here and I was so nervous. "When she loves me" received a Gold. After all the acts received their award, they presented the prizes. There were 5 Lyrical numbers and Mariah received the first place award! The girls were all screaming and jumping up and down.

We finally got back to the hotel at 11:00 and the girls fell into bed.

Saturday. April 26th... The girls were up early. They both checked into the Convention and began dance classes. Caeli was in the Minis and Mariah was in the Junior division. We had wrist bands and went back and forth watching the two classes.

Checking in with friends.
The Pearls worked very hard. They all had fun and were so excited to be there. They learned 5 new dances.

The Pearls dance company at Hollywood Vibe Dance Convention

The girls had a lunch break and everyone ate sandwiches at tables outside.
Then it was back for 2 more hours of dancing.

At 2:00 the classes ended and everyone rushed to dress for competition. We were all seated at 3:30 for the competition to begin. Caeline performed in Hair Spray first. When her tap number came on we noticed that her feet were slipping. One of her friends had arrived with only 1 shoe. Caeline loaned her, her size 1 tap shoes and borrowed her sisters size 6 shoes. (I always knew Caeline would give a friend the shirt off her back, but this was too much).
Mariah performed later in the afternoon. Her dances were great. We waited around for the end of the show and the awards ceremony. Hair Spray and What I like About you; both received High Silver. Take Off With Us received a Gold and Safety Dance received Silver. The Dance Studio was also honored to have Hair Spray be picked as the "most creative" in their age group. They won many awards and everyone was excited.
We joined a few other families and went for a late dinner. We had 6 very tired, excited kids with us.

Sunday, April 27th... We let the girls sleep in and took them to breakfast before Mariah had to return to the Dance Convention. Caeline was disappointed that she could not dance again today. She found a cute dance outfit and stayed on the sidelines, but danced most of the time. She also practiced one handed cartwheels and blowing bubbles. Kianna loves all the girls and went from one group to another.

The Convention ended at 4:00 and we were glad to head home. It was a fun weekend.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A BEAUTIFUL SPRING DAY.... The weather was beautiful today. The care facility that my Mom lives at, had a family day. There was a bounce castle that Kianna had so much fun playing in.

Caeline and Kianna played on the slip and slide. Kianna laughed so much, she loves life and is enjoying all the things she couldn't do last year. She is a happy child, yet very strong willed.
Caeline is so good with her. She is patient and explains everything to her. Usually she shows her how to do something new and Kianna copies her. Both girl had so much fun. They served Tacos and Burrito for lunch, along with Hot Dogs. The girls loved getting to spend time with Nana and she loves sitting and watching them. We love the family days and visiting with everyone.

Caeline had her two friends Caitlin and Cassidy spend the night. The girls are having so much fun playing and let Kianna join in.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

ZOO NIGHTCAMP... Caeline's Brownie Troop attended the Nightcamp at the local Zoo. Aunt Jodi and Flavia are the girls leaders. They met at the bridge at the Zoo at 6:00. They hiked into the zoo and stowed all their gear in the room where they would sleep.

Once they got their things settled the enjoyed a pizza dinner. There were six different types of Pizza and lemonade. The girl were entertained by a Lemur who made his presence known (and scared quite a few girls.
Flavia's daughter; Paige and Mariah had fun helping the younger girls.

After dinner the girls returned to a classroom and many animals were brought in. The first was a fox that was native to Arizona.

The girls went on a night hike and got to see where the animals sleep at night. They saw many Nocturnal animals. They had an evening snack and returned to the classroom.

The girls set up their sleeping bags in a large room. They slept on the hard floor and it took a while to get all the girl settled.

Wake up time was 6:30. The girl stowed all their supplies and headed out for breakfast.

The leaders and their "girls"
The girls had one more hike after breakfast. They saw Otter, Flamingos, Monkeys, a Peacock, Birds and the elephants. The sleepover ended at 9:00. They hiked all their belongings to the cars and then returned to the Zoo for a couple of more hours. The girls enjoyed playing on the playground. At 11:00 thirteen very tired girls (and adults) headed home.

Monday, April 07, 2008

MONKEY BARS.... The girls are having so much fun on their new swing set. Two weeks ago Caeline would not go across the bars and now she climbs on top and hangs down. Mariah and Caeline's newest trick is passing each other and standing up.