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Sunday, March 30, 2008

HALL OF FAME - DAY THREE... Our final day of dance began very early. We had to be out of the house by 7:30 (On Sunday). Today was the day that most of the solos performed.
Mariah checked into the competition and got dressed. She started her make-up and was running back and forth, watching friends perform on stage.
Mariah dances to "When she Love Me". She is a doll that comes to life and dances around a room and then becomes a doll again on her big chair. It has many complex spins and leg lifts and I am so proud of Mariah. She has worked so hard this year.

Mariah did an amazing job for her first solo performance. She danced beautifully!
Mariah received the honor of being chosen Best Costume for her division. She also received a FIRST PLACE - GOLD.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

HALL OF FAME - DAY TWO... We returned to the dance competition this morning.
Caeline was met by her dance teacher who told her about the award ceremony last night. (They presented awards after 11:00 and we had gone home). the Pearls received a GOLD for their jazz number ("Hairspray") and a GOLD and FIRST PLACE for their tap number ("What I Like About You"). Caeline was so excited.
Today was the Emeralds turn to dance. Mariah has grown so in dance this year. The teachers keep pushing them and the group rises to the occasion. Their Jazz number is "Take Off With Us". The girls are dressed as Stewardesses and it is amazing. There are five girls in the Emerald group.

Mariah has learned many new skills this year; including lifting her leg high and holding it for a long time (Mariah is on the left).
I am so proud of how hard Mariah works and what a lovely young lady she is becoming.

The Emeralds Tap number is called "Safety". The girls are dresses as construction workers and the pace is fast and fun. The girls received GOLD awards for both dances.
HALL OF FAME DANCE COMPETITION... This is a busy weekend. The girls are competing at the Hall Of Fame Dance Competition.
The Pearls competed on Friday. We had to pick the girls up at school early. Caeline checked into the competition early and they dressed for their first dance. They performed Hairspray and it is so cute. They all wear huge wigs and carry cans of hairspray.

There are eight girls in the group, but I only managed to gather five of them
The girls quickly changed into their tap costumes. This was the first time they performed this number. They are rock stars who sing What I Like About You. They have guitars and punk hairdos and it is so cute. I was so proud of Caeline. She works so hard at dance and they all do such a great job.
The girls were staving when they finished and we ate a late dinner. They got home just in time to go to bed and get ready for Saturday!

The Pearls competed on Friday. We had to pick the girls up at school early. Caeline checked into the competition early and they

Thursday, March 27, 2008

KIANNA... went to the Surgeon this week. It has been three months since her last appointment. The doctor was thrill with her recovery and discharged her. She is completely healed and her medical problems should all be over. We are so thankful to her doctor and it was sad to say good-bye.

Kianna started swimming lessons a few weeks ago and loves it. She takes dance on Saturday mornings and loves it. She is at the dance studio a lot (while her sisters have classes) and dances all the time. She loves to put on shows and the bigger the audience, the better the show. She has grown up so much in the last year.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

HAPPY EASTER.... This was a fun day. the girls woke early and the younger ones were so excited that the Easter Bunny had come. They insisted on waiting until Aunt Pam and Aunt Jodi arrived for the Easter egg hunt.

Kianna thought it was so much fun to hunt for eggs. She found a lot and squealed with each one.

Mariah and Caeline filled their basket quickly (they did make sure their little sister found her fair share).

They all had fun opening them to discover the candy inside.
There were more goodies in their baskets. The girls were excited to receive charm bracelets with dance charms.
Kianna loved her coloring set.

Kianna received a necklace and earrings set. She loved the way she looked but quickly decided that the earrings were much too uncomfortable.

We visited Nana and then went to the cemetery.
We went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Kianna had so much fun opening peanuts. The girls has such a fun day!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


The care facility where my mother lives held their 3rd annual Easter egg hunt today. Mariah and Caeline had so much fun last year. (Kianna and I were in the hospital) Kianna was so happy to join her sisters this year and the three girls had so much fun. The facility hide eggs everywhere and invite the children to join in the hunt. The area in the center courtyard is for the children under 5. The eggs are easy to find and the little ones run all over. The other eggs are hidden all around the cottages and are harder to find. The children five and older hunt there.

The girls love to spend time with Nana. She and the other residents had fun watching the kids hunt for eggs.

When the hunt was over the children all counted how many eggs they had found. Mariah found the most for her age group and received a large basket of fun activities.

After cookies and juice were served, a surprise visitor arrived. Kianna was so excited when she spotted the Easter Bunny. He posed for pictures with the children and residents. Kianna was surprised and happy to discover candy and gum in her eggs.

Friday, March 14, 2008

BOOTIN SCOOTIN BBQ ... The girls school held their annual BBQ tonight. The girls dressed in western clothes and joined their friends for dinner, dancing and lots of playing. Kianna quickly discovered the fun of a western BBQ. (She missed last years event, she had surgery that day) She danced and danced and loved every minute. The girls love being with their friends and look forward to the BBQ every year.