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Sunday, February 17, 2008

FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN FROM CHINA (FCC)... Held their annual Chinese New Year celebration on Saturday. After Kianna and Caeline's dance class we headed downtown. Caeline spotted the rock climbing wall as soon as we entered and had to try it (many times). We visited with many friends and my favorite part is seeing all the children.

Flo's restaurant served a delicious luncheon and which was enjoyed by everyone (well Mariah doesn't like Chinese food, but was a good sport). Kianna and Caeline love to eat with chop sticks.

As soon as lunch was over, I headed over to Civic Center with Mariah and Caeline. Their dance company performed at the Hard Rock Invitational. Gymnastists from all over the country competed in Phoenix this weekend and the dancers entertained them at the start of the afternoon events. The "Pearls" performed Hairspray and wore their wigs for the first time. The "Emeralds" performed Take Off With Us.

Some of the gymnastists asked to have their picture taken with the Pearls, Emeralds, and Rubies Dance Company.
I love Caeline in her wig
Take off with us
The Pearls

Jodi stayed at the FCC Celebration with Kianna. she had fun playing with all the children and trying the many crafts available.

Kianna made a Chinese lantern with Caitlin and Cassidy.
She was so excited to join in the Children's parade. She went up on stage by herself and had so much fun!

Mariah and Caeline joined in the fun when they returned from the Hard Rock Invitational. Mariah was chosen to help a magician with a magic show.
Kianna's favoite thing to do was jump in the castle. She would stay in there as long as she could.

Caitlin and Cassidy came home with the girls for the evening. We all went out for dinner and then the girls played. They had so much fun singing and dancing!

Friday, February 15, 2008


We love you,
Mariah, Caeline and Kianna

Sunday, February 10, 2008

CAELINE... celebrated her 7th birthday with 9 of her friends at Build-A-Bear Workshop. The girls all met at Fashion Square Mall on Saturday afternoon.
Each girl was able to select an animal and have it stuffed. All the girls made a wish on two hearts. One went into their animal and one went into Caeline's. Caeline chose a white fluffy dog with pink and red hearts on it.

After the animals were stuffed and closed, the girls giave them an air bath and brushed them.Then the best part was selecting an outfit for the animal to wear and dressing them.

The girls entered all their information (their name and the name they chose for their animal) on computers and each rcieved a birth certificate.

The girls were all so proud of their animals!

Build-A-Bear does not have a party room, so we walked to area of the mall and had cupcakes and juice. Caeline opened her gifts and then all the girls took their new friends home with them

Thursday, February 07, 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR.... Today begins the Chinese New Year. this is the year of the rat. Happy New Year!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

HANNAH MONTANA... A good friend gave us tickets to the Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus 3-D Movie Concert for Christmas. The girls were so excited and couldn't wait. The origional tickets were for Sunday afternoon and we were still out of town. We called and they said that we could exchange them for Tuesday evening. When we went to pick up the tickets yesterday, they were sold out and could not find any on hold for us, so we had to wait one more day and finally went this afternoon.

The girls loved the show. The special effects was fantastic and the girls loved the items flying through the air. Kianna danced to every song and all three were so happy that they got to see it.

Monday, February 04, 2008

WHAT A WEEK... We headed to California last Wednesday, to attend my Uncle's funeral. Aunt Jodi and Aunt Pam joined us for the trip. It was a long trip and the girls were great. They watched lots of movies and was so surprised when we climbed into the mountains to discover snow on the ground. Kianna just commented "It's cold Mama!"

The snow in the distance was so beautiful. Caeline found enough snow to make a snowball and the girls had so much fun throwing them. It didn't take Kianna long to join in and they had a great time. We stopped the first night in Kettleman City.

The next day we continued on to San Jose. We were all glad to check into the hotel and get out of the car. The girls had lots of energy and ran and jumped for awhile.

The funeral was beautiful. The girls were interested in everything going on. They sat quietly and watched the Mass. When it ended we went over to my cousin, Mari's house. The girls got to meet lots of relatives. Caeline asked "How many cousins do I have?" They had so much fun playing with all their cousins.

Mike picked up Caeline and Don's daughter Grace.

Don holding Kianna

Caeline and Grace are both 7 years old and got along so well.

Mariah and Caeline both enjoyed meeting their cousin, Dan (Mari's son)

(Back) Dan, Mari, Jerelyn, Pam, Laura (Mari's daughter)
(sitting) Bob, Nicole (Mari's oldest daughter), Mariah, Jodi
(Front) Justin, Matthew (Jerelyn's twins), a friend

Matthew and Justin turn 6 next Saturday.

Bob, Nicole, Laura, Jerelyn, a friend and Mari
Caeline and Mariah
Pam, Kianna (asleep on the couch) and Lorraine

Caeline turned 7 on Saturday. She woke up to find balloons on her bed and opened presents. She loves her Hannah Montana wig.

On the way back Jodi read the directions and took us the wrong way. It took 1 1/2 hours to get back to where we wanted to go. We stopped in Laughlin for the night and the girls loved walking around. We were all glad to arrive back home.