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Saturday, December 27, 2008

MERRY CHRISTMAS... The girls let us sleep until a little after 7. They were all thrilled to go downstairs and discover what Santa left for them.

Kianna was so excited. She loves life and she loved seeing the tree and all the presents.

Mariah has grown up so much this year. She opened all her present and received a lot of clothes, dance wear and more nutcrackers for her collection.

Caeline loves snowglobes. She also requested webkinzs and things to decorate her room (Tinkerbell). She had so much fun opening her gifts.

Kianna was very content to sit on her new princess couch and play her Nintendo DS.

Kianna loves snakes and Mom gave in to a stuffed one.

Kianna loved her My-size Barbie. They can wear each others clothes. She slept on the princess couch next to her bed.

It was cold and rainy, so we visited Nana and came home to play games and watch videos. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Friday, December 26, 2008

CHRISTMAS EVE... We were all up early. We did some last minute shopping and picked up desert. At 4:30 Holly, J. B., and Caiti joined us for dinner.

Kianna had so much fun. She brought her tea pot and cup downstairs and entertained Holly and J. B. with a tea party. They seemed to have as much fun as she did.

We opened gifts and had a fun evening.

The girls baked cookies for Santa and were all excited.

Just before bedtime, Caeli and Kianna sprinkled reindeer food on the front lawn so Rudolph would know where to find the house.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ANOTHER HOLIDAY PERFORMANCE... On Saturday the dance company performed at the care facility where my mother lives. There were thirty-Seven dancers ranging from 17 to 4 years old. The girls met and waited out on the patio. The room was crowded and all the residents seem to love the show.

Caelines tap number was to Jingle Bell Rock.

Mariah danced to Willie Wonka. It is such a fun dance and the girls all enjoy it.

Mama, I'm A Big Girl, is the jazz dance that Caeline does. It is cute and sassy.

The Sunbeams were there and Kianna danced to I Want To Walk Like You. She enjoys performing more each time she is on stage.

Mariah did a tap number to Crazy Bells.

Some of the girls sat on the side and watched.

When the show was over, they brought all the girls in for a final bow.

Mom loved the show and smiled the whole time. When the show was over they called Mariah, Caeline and Kianna up front and introduced them as Rita's grandchildren.

Then they had Mom stand up. She hugged and kissed Mariah and Mariah was thrilled. It was such a special day for all of us.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

ANOTHER HOLIDAY PARTY... On Friday night the dance company had a pizza party. The girls had so much fun. They danced, laughed, sang, and loved being with their friends. They were all given scarves as a gift.

OPEN HOUSE... Every year at the holidays the Dance studio holds an open house. Parents can goin and watch the children in a dance class. Kianna had so much fun dancing.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYLIE... On Sunday, December 14th Lylie (Mariah's niece) celebrated her second birthday. The girls all had fun at her birthday party.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

OUR 10th ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY... was Saturday night. The girls look forward to this party every year. 31 kids and 33 adults attended this year. The kids are always so excited when Santa walks into the house.
The children all sit on the floor and wait patiently for Santa to call their name. Kianna couldn't wait to hop up on his lap and receive her present.

Caeli and Mariah were called up and took the yearly pictures.

As soon as Santa empties his bag, he takes group pictures. These are some of the girl in Caeli's company group.
Mariah posed with a group of friends that are in her class at school (Plus one sister)
Caitlin and Cassie have been coming to the party for the past 6 years. It is so much fun to have friends come back year after year.

Mariah always takes pictures with both of her families. This year her niece Lylie was in the picture.

We love having this party each year!