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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

CHRISTMAS MORNING... The girls slept until 7:30. Kianna walked out and saw all the gifts and just stared for a few minutes. she finally decided that they really were there and got so excited. Her favorite is a kitchen that Santa brought to her. It has a BBQ and picnic table on the back side. She spent most of the day cooking for all of us.

Mariah has decided to do her bedroom over with a Tinker Bell theme.
Caeline loves Webkinz (all the girls do). four years ago Mariah decided that she wanted to collect nutcrackers. Now, Santa beings each girl a new nutcracker.

Mariah and Caeline both love Cabbage Patch dolls.
Caeline was excited to recieve a MP3 player.

CHRISTMAS EVE... We went to our dear friends house for dinner. It has become a tradition to spend Christmas Eve together and the girls look forward to it. The always have so much fun with Caiti. (This year Caeline and Kianna would not leave her dog alone.)

When we returned home we continue to celebrate. The girls baked cookies for Santa and got ready for bed. They were so excited and Kianna and Caeli fell asleep quickly.
CHRISTMAS FUN... We took the girls out to look at Christmas lights on Saturday night. Kianna loved all the twinkling lights and beautiful exhibits. It was cold and so much fun. Mariah got to see tons of miniature house villages. She loves the houses and has started to collect them. One of the houses had a living nativity with all the animals. Kianna was jumping up and down.

School is finally out. The last week was crazy with our first grade "rock star" having to do something everyday. Mariah finished a unit on the Roman Empire and had a toga party (wish I had a picture of that!). Dance did special numbers in every class and we are all ready for some time off.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYLIE... Mariah's niece Lylie celebrated her first birthday this weekend. We attended her birthday party this afternoon. The girls had so much fun playing on the trampoline in the backyard. We couldn't get Kianna off of it. Lylie was given her own birthday cake and had fun playing with it. She made a mess (with a lot of help from Aunt Mariah and Caeline)!

OUR SANTA PARTY.... On Saturday evening we had our annual Santa party. The girls love getting ready for the party and invite all their friends This year 107 people attended. There were 55 children who got to sit on Santa's lap, get a present and pose for picture. Santa also takes lots of family pictures. We were so happy that so many friends were able to attend. There were kids all over and we had so much fun.

SANTA'S VILLAGE... Friday night the dance company danced at Santa's Village. It was one of the coldest nights we have had and the girls danced outside in skimpy costumes. Caeline's group performed their jazz number "Hairspray". Mariah's group did their jazz dance and a Christmas number to "Santa Baby". Mariah also performed her solo number for the first time. She is a rag doll that comes to life to the song "When She Loved Me". She was amazing! I have never been so proud of her. She danced beautifully and was so graceful on stage. After the performance the girls got to spend time in Santa's Village and went on lots of rides. Caeline rode on roller coasters, spinning rides and one where she laid on her stomach and "flew". She tried everything. Caeline was chosen "Rock Star" for the next week and got to bring home the class mascot. BOB got to do everything with her. We are all freezing when we left at 10:00.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

MORE RAIN... It never rains in Arizona and we have had two nasty weekends in a row. The adoption agency scheduled their holiday party for Saturday. It was to be cookies with Santa in a park. We spent Friday night and most of Saturday with going and then not going. Finally it cleared a little Saturday afternoon and we managed a small version. Santa never made it, but the girls had fun. It was freezing and we were all glad to head home to a nice warm house.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

SUNDAY.... We met for Brunch on Sunday morning. It was a fun time full of many memories. Then we all went to the nursing home for another visit with my Mom. She was so happy to see her sister again. We spent the afternoon shopping in Old Town, Scottsdale. It was so hard to say good-bye, they leave tomorrow morning.
My mother and her sister Betty

Our cousins, Beth, Laurie and Carol

FAMILY REUNION... My Mom's sister, Betty and her family came for a visit. We all met Friday night for dinner and on Saturday they came to our house. We live in sunny Arizona and it poured for two days. They arrived in a downpour. After they dried off Mom and Betty got to spend time together. The girls loved getting to know their Aunt and cousins.