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Saturday, April 28, 2007

COMPANY PICNIC.. My company had their annual picnic today. The weather was very hot, but we all had a fantastic time. Kianna loved all the slides, the girls did spin-art, face painting(arms and legs too) and played lots of carnival games. The biggest hit was the rock climbing wall. Mariah won the Hula-Hoop contest. We had a great barbecue and a fun day!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

HOLLYWOOD VIBE... Mariah and Caeline took part in the Hollywood Vibe Dance Competition this afternoon. They were up at six this morning and had to check in at the civic Center by 7:30. Then they had five hours of dance classes. The learned new dances in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip-Hop and Lyric. After a very brief break they checked in for the competition. They got into costumes and make-up. Caeli competed first and Mariah's group a little later. At 6:00 they were back on stage for the awards ceremony. Both groups took High-Silver.

THE GIRLS... are growing so quickly. Kianna is thriving in her new daycare. She loves playing with the other children and is always smiling when I pick her up. Mariah and Caeli love school and are looking forward to summer vacation. The weather has been beautiful. We are busy with work (Mom), and classes (dance, karate and cheer). I'm glad they are all happy and having fun.

Friday, April 13, 2007

A GOOD WEEK... Kianna is feeling so much better this week. We went to the doctor on Tuesday and he still isn't positive what caused the rash. It was probably an allergy, possibly to one of the medicines she took.

Kianna had tubes put in her ears this morning. She has had a few ear infections since December and there was still fluid behind her ears. she has been on such a high dose of antibiotics, that it should have subsided. The tubes were the only answer. She handled the short, simple procedure like a pro and was on her way home within an hour. She played all day and even went to the park with her sisters. Kianna loves life so and is such a happy little girl!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

HAPPY EASTER... Today was a fun family day. The girls were up early to see what the bunny had left. We"tried" to keep Kianna quiet. Pam and Jodi spent the day with us and we had a wonderful dinner. Kianna laughed and smiled a lot. I think she had a wonderful first Easter!

KIANNA... We saw lots of doctors today. Kianna had two biopsies done and lots of blood tests. They ruled out anything very contagious and decided that Kianna could go home. We were glad to get home in time to celebrate Easter.

EGG HUNT... Aunt Pam and Aunt Jodi took Mariah and Caeline to the Easter Egg hunt at the care facility where Nana is. They had so much fun collecting eggs, seeing the Easter Bunny and visiting with Nana.

Friday, April 06, 2007

FRIDAY NIGHT.... A few days ago Kianna developed a rash on her tummy. Then her finger on her left hand and one toe on her left foot were very swollen, red and had blisters. The doctors have tried different medicines and it continues to get worse. They admitted her to children's Hospital this evening. She will be seen by and infectious disease specialist and dermatologist. She was not thrilled to be back in the hospital. She holds up her "owie" to anyone who asks to see it.

This afternoon Mariah pulled something in her leg and her knee was swollen. She couldn't walk on it so at the same time that I was admitting Kianna, Vicki had Mariah in the emergency room having x-rays taken. She has to stay off of it and keep ice on, but no broken bones.
THURSDAY... Kianna returned to daycare on Monday and is having so much fun. I finally found a home environment with 2 children close to her age. They are loving people and Kianna is so happy to be back with other 2 year-olds.

Mariah and Caeline are happy at school. They are busy with Science experiments. The science Fair is the end of this month. Mariah just finished a big project on the Honey Bee. She made a model of a bee and had to do a written and oral report.