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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

BACK HOME... Kianna is adjusting to her new home. She loves her new bedroom, all the toys and our backyard. Mariah and Caeline are back in school and happy to see all of their friends and teachers again. Kianna has been to the doctor (thankfully she is healthy) and has had her first company. Our cousin Mari and her daughter Laura came for a wedding and we had such a nice visit with them.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16TH... We finished packing, got the last few items at the shops. We walked through a park next to the hotel. The girls had fun posing with all the statues. We ate lunch at Lucy's. At 2:30 we met in the lobby and boarded bused to the American Consulate. No cameras are allowed, so we have no photos. It was an emotional moment when all the parents (there were about 50 babies) are take the oath that all the information given during the adoption process was true. As soon as we got back to the hotel we collected out luggage and headed to the airport. At 9:00 we boarded a plane back to the United States. The flight was a little of 12 hours. Everyone was exhausted. Kianna did really well, but had a hard time sleeping, she wanted to lie down. We landed in Los Angeles at 6:30. Our first stop was immigration. As soon as they stamped Kianna's paperwork, she became a US citizen. We were all glad when our plane arrived in Phoenix. Vicki, Bryan, Brandon and Sophia met us at the airport. When we drove up to the house they had signs in front. IT'S A GIRL!. We are so glad to be home!
MONDAY, OCTOBER 16TH... I had to stay in the room from 9:30 - 12:00 while Lee went to the American Consulate to file my paperwork. Finally at 12:15 I heard that Kianna would be granted a Visa and could enter the United States. It rained most of the afternoon so we spent a lot of time in the playroom and looking in local shops. We started packing tonight.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER ... Today was a free day. We took a taxi to Six Banyon Temple. It is beautiful. I asked a Buddhist monk to bless the bay and he blessed all three girls. Aunt Jodi watched Kianna while she took a nap and Mariah, Caeline, Pam and I climbed the 9 story pagoda. The view was beautiful. We took a taxi to a shopping area and then returned to the hotel. The girls spent the afternoon at the beautiful pool at the White Swan.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14TH... After a quick breakfast we met our guide, Lee in the lobby and walked a short distance to the medical exam. It is such a relief to receive a signed paper that the baby is healthy enough to leave the country. We walked back to the hotel and the girls were all thrill to discover a playroom in the hotel. Kianna had so much fun and we received lots of smiles. We were able to do a lot of shopping today and went to Lucy's for lunch. It is a western style restaurant near the hotel. The food is delicious and they serve so many favorites.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13TH... Kianna woke early and was fussy. She is still trying to adjust to all the changes in her life. She cries if I put her down or leave her side. She loves to pat my back and today was kissing my arm as I held her. She is a sweet baby and so quiet.

After breakfast we packed all of our suitcases and walked over to People's Park. They have beautiful gardens, amusement rides and more Koi for Caeline to feed. We got to stay at the hotel until 4:00 and then headed to the airport. We flew to Guangzhou. We were given two rooms at the White Swan Hotel on the 14th floor. It is a beautiful hotel located on the Pearl River.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12th... After breakfast we met our guide in the lobby. We went to a local village outside of Nanning. Yiling Village was an amazing place for everyone to see. Nanning is so green, most of the agriculture in China is done here. About 18% of the people who farm live in Yiling Village. The girls were amazed at the homes they live in. The animals walk the streets of the village. The girls saw, cows, pigs and chickens. We brought a bag of candy and Mariah and Caeline passed it out to the children.

Mariah and Caeline worked on school work this afternoon. Caeline is learning to write her numbers and fell asleep while working. She and Kianna both had a good nap. Tonight our Guide, Bella took us for an authentic Chinese dinner. Another Guide, David joined us. He had Mariah and Caeline laughing the whole time, especially when they found a chicken leg in their food. The claw was still on! They have both been such good girls. They wait in lines and behave beautifully (when in public, we do get wild in the room). The girls did order French Fries when we got back to the hotel.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 11TH.... Our Guide took us to the Gaungxi Province Museum. We saw Ancient Chinese Drums, silk looms, clothing, and jewelry. After we went to a Buddhist Garden. We saw Chinese Children dancing. This afternoon we swam in the hotel pool. This evening we took a taxi to a local shopping center. We ate dinner at PIZZA HUT. Caeline and Mariah were so happy to have Pizza and salad. We did some shopping and went back to the hotel. We can't get the photos to upload and will add them as soon as we can.

Monday, October 09, 2006

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10TH.... We met our guide in the hotel lobby and went to Green-Mountain Park. It is a large park in Nanning. We walked on the Wind-Rain Bamboo Bridge. We went to a Buddhist Temple and an ancient Pagoda. The Pagoda was built in 1945 when the Japanese attacked China. Mariah and I climbed to the top of the 9 story Pagoda. Caeline elected to stay with Aunt Jodi and feed Koi fish. Kianna is still very quiet and clings to me. We left Aunt Pammie with a screaming child while I climbed the Pagoda. When we got back to the hotel we walked to the restaurant next door. They make all sorts of noodle and rice dishes. They did not have forks and we all had to try and eat with chopsticks. Mariah and Caeline were thrilled to discover that they had French Fries! We relaxed after lunch and let Kianna take a nap. She had a cold and wasn't feeling great. We joined another family for dinner at the buffet in the hotel. The girls were thrilled to have a 7 year old to talk and hang out with.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

ADOPTION DAY... Kianna woke at 5 am and her sisters joined her quickly. She ate a good breakfast. Our guide picked us up at 8:40 to return to the Federal Offices. The adoption became official, after we went and had some papers notarized. We went to Walmart and did some shopping. We were able to get a stroller. We had afternoon and evening. The girls are having so much fun entertaining their baby sister. Blowing bubbles was a huge success.

KIANNA XIU ... We met our guide in the lobby at 3:10 pm. We went to the Federal Building and were escorted to the 4th floor. A few minutes later the baby was brought in by the Director and one of the nannies. She cried at first and was scared. We talked with her and gave her some Cherios. Finally she let me hold her. Around 4:00 we all went back to the hotel. Mariah and Caeline played with her, fed her and just love her. Kianna ate everything at dinner and quickly fell asleep when we got back to the room.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

NANNING... We made it to Nanning. I think the girls are glad to stay here a few days. The Majestic Hotel is beautiful. We have adjourning rooms and Mariah and Caeline were thrilled to discover the crib in the room when we arrived. We met with our adoption guide this morning and everything is set to receive the baby this afternoon.

Friday, October 06, 2006

BEIJING... We made it. The plane ride was long, but the girls did great. They traveled for 24 hours before arriving at our hotel and never complained. On the last flight they celebrated China's Independence and had entertainment on the plane. Mariah was chosen to come up and sing. They recorded it for TV. She was given a box of mooncakes. Our hotel is beautiful We headed over to THE FORBIDDEN CITY and walked all over. It is the length of 25 football fields and has 9,000 rooms. Mariah loved seeing the costumes and weapons of the Qing Dynasty. We got to see Tain'Am Square. It was so crowded that we didn't stay long. On Friday we took a Van to THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA. We took a trolley o the first tower and then everyone except Aunt Jodi climbed higher. Everyone wants to have their picture taken with Mariah! We went to the MING TOMBS and saw the burial ground of Ming Emperors. While touring Caeline and Mariah sang America The Beautiful! Tomorrow we leave for Nanning to get the baby!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

WE'RE OFF... I can't believe that this day has finally arrived. Mariah and Caeline (known to a lot of you as Caeli) went to school for a half day. Pam, Jodi, and I dropped the dogs (5) off at a friend's house who is boarding them. We finally got Mom settled at a care facility. They take good care of her, but it is always hard to say good-bye. We picked the girls up, they ate lunch and got dressed. We are finally ready to head to the airport!

Monday, October 02, 2006

WE LEAVE TOMORROW.... I can't believe that we leave tomorrow. We are busy with packing and getting ready. The map shows the three stops we will make. Tomorrow we start a long trip, almost 24 hours (on a plane with two little girls) and then we start our journey in Beijing!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Our Journey to China

October 3rd
We leave Phoenix at 4:33 p.m. to fly to Los Angeles. At 1150 p.m. we leave Los Angeles to fly to Guangzhou, China

October 5th
We land in Guangzhou. China at 6:20 a.m. and board a flight to Beijing at 8:20 a.m. We arive in Beijing at 10:55 a.m. We will atay at the Peace Hotel. (add 15 hours to Arizona time to determine the date and time in beijing.

October 5th-7th
We plan to vist Tiananmen Square and the Great Wall of china.

October 7th
We leave Beijing and fly to nanning (Gaungxi province) at 2:05 p.m., arriving at 5:30p.m., we will stay for six nights at the Majestic hotel.

October 8th
GOTCHA DAY! We get to meet Gong Guo Xiu

October 9th
Adoption Day!

October 8th-13th
We will have time to become a family and explore Nanning.

October 13th
We will depart nanning and arrive in Guangzhou at 7:30 p.m. We are staying at the White swan Hotel for the duration of our journey.

October 14th
Medical Exam

October 15th
We hope to have the baby blessed at the Six Banyon Temple

October 16th
We have an appointment at the American Consulate. We will celebrate afterwards.

October 17th
We will depart Guangzhou at 9:00 p.m. We arrive in Los Angeles at 6:50 p.m. We arrive in Phoenix at 11:01 p.m.